UK content marketing predictions for 2016

It’s been long understood that consumers care more about their own wants and needs than any particular company, product or service available to them. Indeed, there are more companies in the UK providing advertising, marketing and PR services, than in all other industries put together.

In light of this, content marketing has always been at the forefront of any sustained marketing campaign. With the inevitable rise and fall of various social media platforms, Hyperfine Media have provided an excellent insight into some of the content marketing trends that we are expecting to see through 2016.

Social media platforms have become increasingly important over the last few years, with a notable increase in the use of Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube within content marketing tactics over the last year. When used correctly, content marketing across these various platforms can reward an organisation with an increase in sales, engagement, and brand awareness. This is hardly surprising, given that almost 90% of respondants have used content marketing at some stage – falling perfectly in-line with the current statistics on social media users aged 16 or over.

Through all of this, the majority of UK organisations are intent on increasing their marketing budgets, however there is a notable disparity when compared to the number of organisations that would claim to have a clearly-defined strategy leading 2016.

It’s important to be aware that organisations on a global scale are showing a reinvigorated focus on content marketing, with many facing the challenges head-on, and in order to stay ahead of the competition, the same renewed focus will also need clear direction to ensure success.