5 Truths about employee productivity

Around 30% of a human life is spent at work, which is why it’s important to make sure your employees are happy in their work environment and are getting the most out of their roles.


It’s has been proven time and time again that happy employees are harder working employees. With that in mind, how do you, as an employer, make sure you’re keeping your workers happy and productive?

A survey was conducted by MOMA to discover what times of the day people felt most productive, and the results highlight the diversity in motivation within the workforce. We took a look at 5 truths about employee productivity that may come in useful when you’re trying to keep employees happy and working hard.

A greater number of women work better in the morning

46.5% of the women surveyed stated that they felt the most motivated to work between 9am and 12pm, this is just over 10% more than the males surveyed. Men showed that even though they felt more productive in the morning, they had an afternoon lull, before getting a spurt of motivation between 3pm and 6pm.

Regular breaks vastly improves productivity

Studies have shown that the human brain can only concentrate on one thing for 90 minutes at a time. Considering a normal working day clocks up at around 8 hours a day (that’s 480 minutes every day) it’s important to make sure your employees are taking regular breaks. These small breaks can be anything from a water break, a full 10-15 minute break or even just a few minutes to check their social media, as long as it takes their mind away from the work they are concentrating on.    

18-24 year olds are not morning people

This probably won’t comes as a surprise, but only 30.9% of the 18-24 year olds surveyed said that they felt the most motivated in the mornings. This was the lowest percentage out of all of the age ranges surveyed, with the 45-54 year olds coming out on top for early morning productivity.   

Very early starts are a motivation killer

If you frequently encourage your employees to get an early start, it might be worth noting that only 14.3% of people claimed that they felt productive between the hours of 6am and 9pm.

No matter how early you go to bed the night before, getting up before 6am will always be a struggle. Overtired employees is one of the main killers of productivity in the workplace, so make sure you’re giving your workers enough time to rest.

Flexible working hours DO workshutterstock_152265662

Providing the option of flexible working hours allows your employees to utilise their most
productive times of the day. Not only does
it help to vastly improve productivity, but it also allows your workers to create a better work-life balance, keeping them happier and more motivated during designated work hours.

Taking care of your employees and allowing them the freedom to organise their own time and workflow is a sure fire way to boost your employee productivity. Each one of your employees works differently and has their own way of organising their work and time. Keeping your employee’s work-life balance in mind when managing your team, will help to keep your employees happy and more motivated to work once they step into the office.