FAQ’s on staff fire training and your responsibilities

There are some rules and regulations that must be adhered to in regards to training your staff on fire safety.

staff fire trainingWe take you through the most common questions that we get asked when it comes to staff fire training and responsibility.

Do I still need a fire certificate?

The implementation of the Regulatory Reform Order, 2005 means that fire certificates do not need to be handed out any longer, and all certificates previously handed out are no longer valid. This means that the safety of employees is completely in the hands of employers and managers.

What does this mean for me?

If you are the person in charge, the Health and Safety Officer, or the manager, you have a corporate and personal liability to make sure staff members are safe and that no breaches are made to the health and safety regulations in the workplace. You could be held responsible in Criminal and Civil Courts if any breaches are made. Making sure that you staff fire training is fully up to date is one aspect of health and safety that should be at the front of your mind as a business owner.

Should fire safety be part of the induction process?

During the induction of all new employees, it is vital that instructions, information, training, and evacuation processes are briefed at the start of their employment. Awareness of fire arrangements, introductions to first aiders and fire marshals, safety at work processes, and meeting points should all be covered in the induction. This induction should also take place with contractors and service providers when they first enter your premises so that while they are on site they know your procedures.

How many fire marshals do I need?

There should always be a minimum number of two fire marshals per office, but depending on the layout, industry, and amount of staff, this number could be higher. If your work environment involves employees working with flammable materials, you will need more fire marshals even if you are a small company. In general, make sure every area in the building is covered by a marshal and that the marshal can evacuate the area, double check for those left behind, get out of the building, and register the people in their group in around two minutes.

For those who cannot appointment enough fire marshals for the industry, layout, and occupants, you can share marshals with companies situated next to you – particularly if you share a building. If this is the only option for you, a written agreement must be presented along with all employees being briefed.

How often should training be provided for fire marshals?

Refresher courses should be taken every two years as long as the training is thorough and provides sufficient information.

How often should I implement a fire drill?

Fire drills should be actioned every 6 months so you can check the efficiency of the process.

Editorial originally featured on the Fire Seals Direct advice centre.