The best ways to inject some life into your office space.

As depressing as it may sound your workspace is going to be where you’ll be spending almost half your waking day.


So making it an area where you are comfortable, relaxed and generally somewhere you can sit and work for long periods of time can be crucial. Here are a few ways in which you can help brighten up your office.


If your office allows it then why not try use your office space to really showcase your personality, it really helps to make you feel more at home even when you’re stuck at work. Photos, and other such personal items are a given but perhaps even try other decorative additions that speak to you and help give you some much needed individuality away from the repetitive style of the rest of the office.

If you are lucky enough to be the owner of the company (or have a lot of say around the office) then some glass partitioning and interior graphics such as the ones made by companies like National Window Films can really help to bring the office alive while putting your brand on display for everyone to see.

FINDING INSPIRATIONshutterstock_279097196

If you work from home, have a cubicle to yourself or a cosy desk area then it’s often a good idea to surround yourself with things that inspire you.

Images, photos, paintings or even words can help motivate spark your creativity on those days when you’re just feeling unenthused. Look up from your screen and giving yourself a quick visual boost could be just what you needed.


There’s nothing better to help brighten a dull workspace than introducing a fresh and bright plant or two. They can act as larger focal points around the office or simply be smaller potted plants or even artificial ones placed on your desk.

There are many varieties of low maintenance indoor plant that would be ideal for a fresh touch of the outdoors into the office environment.


There is something to having an organised mess in your workspace, a special way in which you can still keep track of everything. But to avoid any unnecessary panic over a lost document or a misplace piece of office equipment it is fruitful to ensure your space is clean and organised in a well-thought out manner. It’ll also brighten up the area and be a much more pleasant space to work in.