Smartwatches are invaluable to online businesses

Smartwatches are the latest wearable devices to hit the market and although they got off to a slow start.

At first, smartwatches can seem a little bit redundant and confusing — many online gaming businesses, like Vegas Palms Casino, are now seeing the benefits of these wearable devices.

The benefits of smartwatches: A consumer’s perspective

After you use smartwatches for a little bit of time, both the device and the user begin to work in harmony. This revelation has increased the popularity of these devices dramatically. In fact, there are many benefits of using smartwatches. Some of them include:

1. Notifications

Notifications are one of the main reasons that smartwatches are so popular. Because notifications are sent right to the wrist, users can immediately determine their importance without removing their phones from their pockets. This invaluable feature makes life a little easier and saves time as well.

2. Social etiquette

Because of their small size, proper social etiquette is no longer an issue. Instead of interrupting meals and conversations, users can now check their messages with a quick look at the wrist, which is subtler simpler, and quicker.

3. Internet of Things

The combination of online technology and smartwatches is incredible. For instance, users can control the volume of their sound systems with just a few taps on the wrist, turn the lights in their home on and off, etc. And the best part is, smart home technology and the Internet of Things is still in its infancy.

4. Travel

Some smartwatches can be used to get through airport security. They give consumers the ability to display their boarding passes on the screen. And we all know that anything that makes going through the airport security process simpler is always a plus.

5. Fitness

All smartwatches can help with step counting, plus most of them have the ability to run fitness apps.

6. Music and gaming

Listening to apps like Pandora or playing games like the ones on Vegas Palms casino apps can make even the most tedious chore, like waiting in line, that much more exciting.

7. Battery life

One of the biggest drains on smartphone batteries are their high definition displays. And because smartwatches minimise the use of these devices, they can have an impact on battery life.

8. Navigation

Using a smartwatch for navigation is simple and easy. Directions are sent right to the risk so users never have to worry about knowing where and when to turn next.

More and more consumers are beginning to see the advantages to having smartwatches in their lives, which has sparked the interest of many online gaming operators and other innovative businesspeople.

Smartwatches and online gaming businesses

More and more consumers are beginning to see the benefits of smartwatches, which has sparked the interest of many online gaming operators. These savvy entrepreneurs are showing a willingness to expand into more mobile-centric strategies.

But, this sentiment doesn’t hold true for all. In fact, there are some entrepreneurs that don’t see the benefits in smartwatches. These naysayers say that these devices are irrelevant because they do everything a smartphone can. These entrepreneurs don’t understand that smartwatches are not meant to replace smartphones, but to compliment them and make life a little easier, even in terms of gaming. Nor do they understand the money that can be made from tapping into this burgeoning market.

Reputable online gaming casinos, like Vegas Palms, have seen the benefits of adding a mobile component to their once exclusively PC-based games. In this way, gamers can play their high-quality app while up and about, a feature that many have come to love. So much so that mobile games have taken up a significant share of the global gaming market. In fact, it has been reported that over billion people all over the world played games on their mobile devices in 2014.