The best colour for your business car

When it comes to choosing a business car, you’ll need to think about all the main things you expect from it; such as performance, cost, level of equipment and driving enjoyment. However, you can’t forget about the colour!

Choosing a colour for your company car may not seem like an important aspect, but remember that your car will be promoting you and your business image.

business car colour

So whether you’re buying a car outright or are considering contract hire; you need to think about what sort of image you’re projecting to your potential customers. We’ve had a look at the most common car colours on the roads these days, and the impression they give.


This is probably one of the first colours that comes to mind when thinking about business cars, and is the most popular. Black is also an easy colour to keep clean, and gives off a strong air of classy confidence as suggested by AutoFun. The only downside is that you may blend into the crowd.


This colour used to be frowned upon because people thought it looked tacky. However, popular opinion has changed, and white cars are now very desirable. Of course white cars are harder to keep clean than other colours.


Silver and grey both give off a very futuristic and modern vibe, which means that they would be best-suited for a new and upcoming business.


A very dynamic and passionate colour. With a red business car, you’re sure to stick out from the crowd. Red also gives the impression of confidence and excitement.


The safest colour to go for if you’re unsure. People often associate the colour blue with loyalty, trust and wisdom. So this would be the perfect colour for businesses looking to connect with their customers on a personal level.


A green business car gives off the impression that the company is eco-friendly, and cares about the environment. On top of this, people associate the colour green with being organic, fresh and trustworthy.


A yellow or orange colour is one of the brightest and most noticeable you can choose. If you’re a unique business that wants to stick out from the rest of your competitors, then these are definitely the colours you want to be sticking to!

So next time you’re choosing your business car, or are thinking about what sort of fleet vehicle you’re going to get, don’t forget to think about colour. Still searching for that perfect business car? Why not have a look at car and vehicle leasing? This is a simple, cheap and effective way to get a fleet of vehicles for you and your company.