Should you get a personalised plate for your business?

Buying a personal car registration plate means that you have the right to assign a number to a vehicle. You can do this in your own name or in someone else’s, which means you can even buy a personal plate as a gift for someone.

Car ColourIf you’re interested in getting yourself a personalised reg for your business car, then you’ll have to buy a customised number from DVLA Personalised Registration, assign a reg, and then get your plates made up.

Should I get one?

So far, the DVLA has raised £2 billion from personalised plates, with last year alone raising £67 million roughly. But it seems it won’t stop there, as personalised plates are now becoming more popular than ever.

There are plenty of reasons why people decide to get their own plates. To show off their wealth, to give as a present, or to hand down through their family. If you feel like splashing out and getting your own, then there are loads of places online where you can check to see which plates are still available, how much they’ll cost, and where you can buy them.

Having a personalised plate for your company car is a great way to have some fun, show off a little, and stick out from the crowd. Especially if you can get yourself a plate that relates to your personal or company name.

High cost

Of course, if you do decide to go ahead and get yourself a personalised plate, then be warned that some of them can get pretty pricey! Their expensiveness is probably what attracts many celebrities to them. For example, Lord Alan Sugar has the plate ‘AMS 1’, and radio/TV presenter Chris Evans is rumoured to have several personalised plates on his numerous cars. Famous magician Paul Daniels had ‘MAG1C’ on the back of his car, while Nicky Clark opted for the ‘H41 RDO’ plate.

Although it’s not just celebrities who have been splashing cash on expensive plates. Businessman Robert Harverson only intended to bid up to £100,000 for a plate with his initials ‘1RH’, but ended up spending £250,000 in the end. Another businessman in London spend £352,000 on the plate ‘1D’ as a present for his wife.


Overall, getting a personalised plate for your car can be a great investment and a lot of fun! And if you’re looking for a new business car for your personalised plate, then you should have a look at car finance. If you do decide to finance a car, then there are hundreds to choose from, so you can find your ideal business fleet at the fraction of the cost of buying outright.