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Mythbusters – Too small for vehicle tracking?

Do bulls really hate red? Should you wake someone up if they’re sleepwalking? Can you really see the Great Wall of China from space? Are certain businesses too small to benefit from vehicle tracking?

All of those questions have something in common. They’re vehicle tracking myths. We’ve heard many of the objections before, it’s one of the most popular things we are told by businesses with smaller fleets.

vehicle trackingFleet managers and business owners frequently inform us that they already trust their drivers enough to not need to track their vehicles, they tell us that their staff only make short journeys and that their businesses are just too small for tracking technology.

We decided to speak to a business who initially had concerns over how tracking could benefit their fleet, and after installing a vehicle tracking system, are now seeing the advantages.

“The benefits of a Navman Wireless system for a company with a small fleet of vehicles like ours far outweigh the costs. We now have more control of where drivers are and insurance, maintenance and fuel costs have decreased. It’s a no brainer”.

That’s the view of Paul Young from E&P Catering, a meat provider from Coventry, who installed a vehicle tracking system over a year ago and has seen it cut costs, increase productivity and save time.

In our interview, Paul and business partner Eammon talk about how the technology was introduced to their drivers as an assistance tool, and because of that, staff didn’t see the introduction as a lack of trust.

“Telematics protects our drivers and can be used as a tool to give them the recognition they deserve. It gives drivers who operate their vehicles correctly a way to document how well they drive. In an era before telematics, it was a lot harder for staff to prove their whereabouts and their arrival on site.”

Paul also explains that although his staff operate within a 30 to 40 mile radius, the company has made huge fuel and maintenance savings since implementation.

As the video demonstrates, a multitasking business owner can benefit hugely from automated reports which eliminate time-consuming admin work.

Vehicle tracking has improved customer service and, with the system installed across their fleet, the system is paying for itself at E&P.

Just like bulls actually being colour-blind, it’s safe to wake people up when they sleep walk and the fact that you’re not able to see the Great Wall of China from space, the idea that some businesses are too small for vehicle tracking is a myth.

But don’t believe us, watch the video above and hear it straight from the horse’s mouth!