How GPS trackers can save your business money

Whatever the size of your business, whether it is a small, local business or a large, national company; transportation and utilising fleet vehicles is often one of the biggest overheads businesses face, with insurance costs, staff hours and fuel expenses all adding up.

By installing and utilising a GPS tracker to your fleet, it can not only ensure the safety of your staff, as well as protecting your vehicles from theft – trackers can also save your business money in other ways too, read on to find out more.

GPS trackersOptimise your journeys

Tracking devices installed on your vehicles can provide real-time information about where your fleet members are located; by using this information, businesses can optimise journeys, boost productivity and increase communication throughout your team members, enabling them to locate the best routes available to streamline your service. This will undoubtedly save the business money on fuel expenses, staff overtime hours, etc. but as well as this, it will increase efficiency on routes, giving clients and customers the best service, to give you a competitive advantage.

Lower insurance policy

After a time, your drivers may pick up a few bad habits including speeding and other dangerous driving habits. Installing a GPS Tracker into your fleet vehicles is often favoured by your insurance company as it can ensure safer driving from your team members, having a GPS tracker installed promotes safer driving therefore a lot of commercial insurance companies will often give a break on insurance premiums if there is a tracker installed in the vehicle.

Protecting your fleet

Your insurance can also be affected if you experience theft of the vehicles and equipment, trackers are a great way to prevent loss of vehicles, and they are a guaranteed way to bring down the cost of your insurance premiums. 1 in 10 stolen vehicles in 2015 was company owned, and with only 49.6% of these being recovered, it’s easy to see how a vehicle tracking system can come in handy to save your business money. Not only will it step up the protection of your fleet, giving you a greater chance of recovering the stolen vehicle and its contents, but it will also prevent a loss of productivity and minimise downtime, as time would be taken out of the business replacing lost equipment and vehicles.

The information provided from a GPS tracker installed into the vehicle, not only enables businesses to locate their fleet vehicles and track them in real time, but they provide invaluable information which can be utilised as a great forecasting tool. This is letting businesses optimise their routes, creating a more efficient workforce. The tracker also allows team members to be remotely managed, giving business owners and managers more control over their fleet and employees.

TrackerShop has a range of GPS trackers which are perfect for businesses to utilise in your fleet vehicles, Deege Carse, owner at TrackerShop, said: “We enable our clients to incorporate GPS tracking into their working environments, to not only ensure a much more efficient workforce, but it also provides an ability to co-ordinate their fleet and staff in the field as well as saving the company money in the long term.”