Streamlining options to help run a business efficiently

Running an efficient business is the goal of any boss, so it’s natural that you want to look for software that will help streamline your operations and get your employees totally focused on gaining a business advantage over competitors.

shutterstock_329703824There are a lot of software solutions on the market aimed at helping your business become more and more efficient. Here are some suggestions you could consider as you focus on further streamlining your operations.


This is hard-drive software hosted in the cloud that lets you store all your files online. You can synch them across different platforms – tablets, laptops or mobiles – so they can be shared instantly with members of your team, and also across the various platforms that your business uses. You just need to send an invitation or share a URL, and you’re up and running.

Contacts are the key

Whichever programmes you use your contacts book is the key to your success or otherwise. It’s easy to let things meander along when you’re super-busy but good contact data is essential if you’re serious about developing new business and keeping current clients. You can unify and share Gmail contacts from a number of services and apps, and get existing contact details updated automatically. Keeping in touch is crucial to running a successful business operation, so it’s worth keeping well up to date with the communication tools on offer.


Managing teams and workflow – especially in a large organisation – can be problematic but task management software Prodcuteev and help you sort out a number of issues that could otherwise be missed. When you’re trying to manage a project with different workers assigned to it, you can break down the work so tasks can be delegated. You can also find out who’s on target using built-in tracking features, and then decide what type of follow up is needed.

Mobile options 

As technology has advanced and the cloud has become a major part of storing and sharing information, the ability to access that information from anywhere at any time has redeveloped the way businesses think about how they can operate more efficiently. Initially it was laptops set the course – getting smaller and more portable as the years progressed, and with high-end capacities for processing.

Now tablets have invaded the market and possess the power to process vast amounts of information, download statistics from anywhere and keep in constant touch with the business home. Mobile phones are also used to access data that can be essential for an up-to-the-minute snapshot of what the business is offering. Databases of products, costs and delivery times are available and it makes the 24/7 or “never-closed-for-business” model a reality.

Embracing the new

Technology and ways of doing business constantly evolve – who would have thought 20 years ago that Internet buying would be so prevalent now? Businesses need to embrace new technology and ways of keeping and encouraging their current clients, as well as developing fresh ways of attracting new business.