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Manchester is the most economic place to do business in Europe

Manchester has been ranked the top place to do business in Europe, according to the recently released KPMG’s Competitive Alternatives 2016 report.

shutterstock_248557546This is positive news for new entrepreneur Stuart Harvey as he’s in the process of launching a trades service organisation, Right Trades, in Manchester, that is set to revolutionise the way tradesmen work.

Stuart explains that it was an easy decision for him to operate out of Manchester: “I did some research into the costs of office space and resources available, as well as checked out competitors and top industries. Manchester has a large manufacturing presence so I figured there would be quite a few skilled tradespeople to partner with. Plus, Manchester is a great place to raise a family so we’re happy to settle here.”

That’s a sentiment ​echoed ​by Jon Holt, office senior partner for KPMG, as he told the Manchester Evening News: “Investors increasingly view Manchester as a natural place to do business, and an attractive alternative to London or other European capitals. The ranking reflects the quality of our business community, but also Manchester’s growing reputation as a great city in which to live and work.”

This study evaluates the cost of doing business in over 100 cities across the globe based on labour, facilities, utilities, transportation and taxes. Manchester came in first place out of the 10 European cities evaluated in the 2016 report, scoring above major capitals Berlin, Paris and Rome. The UK’s capital, London, was placed at the very bottom of the list and deemed the most expensive place to do business out of all the European locations studied.

Jon Holt further adds: “Manchester has attracted significant levels of international investment for a number of years and it’s fantastic to see the strength of the city recognised on a global scale.”

Overall, Stuart’s happy to see the survey results reaffirm what he already knew about Manchester: “There’s a huge risk involved in starting a new business because you invest so much time, effort and money into it. Knowing that I’m taking this risk in such a prosperous place, the best place in all of Europe, is quite settling.”