Want to make clients hate your store? Here are some tips!

These days there are so many tips on how to manage your online store. They say do this and this, and it is easily to get lost in all these tips. That’s why I collected the most important “DON’Ts” for you. Enjoy!

shutterstock_232938901Don’t be predictable

People don’t like predictable things. Surprise them! Here are some examples for you:

  • Put your Add to Cart button in the place that is not easily spotted, let your clients play in hide-and-go-seek.
  • If a customer has managed to add your product to cart, the checkout process should be the next challenge: add as many steps as possible.
  • Once the purchase is completed, don’t send any confirmation emails. After all, the customer knows better what he has just ordered, right?

Don’t stop here; there are many other ways to surprise clients!

Don’t mention anything about shipping costs

Your products and their shipping are 2 different things. The products prices are reasonable, and the shipping costs should not bother you. So don’t try to write anything about the delivery costs before the final checkout step. Again, surprise!

Don’t waste your time on quality images

Your products are awesome, there is no need to use images with high resolution to prove that, a few blurred pics is quite enough.

After all, you can copy product pictures from the manufacturer’s site as there is no need to make unique photos. And by the way, avoid product zoom and swatches, it’s not trendy.

Don’t offer a mobile version of your store

These days people spend too much time using their smartphones. They are forgetting about live communication and, what is more important, about personal computers. Somebody should change that tendency. A good way-out is to offer only a desktop version of your store. If a client visits your site from their smartphone, they will hardly see anything as your site is not mobile friendly. So they will need to use their PC for accessing your store. This is a perfect plan!

Don’t make your site load quickly

Let your clients relax for these 1-2 minutes while your landing page is loading. This is very important in our hectic time.

It is also a good idea to use many page reloads as using AJAX is not advised.

Don’t miss a chance to add as many pop-ups as possible

You have many products and different offers, let your clients know about each promotion going on in your store or just say “Hi”. The best strategy for that is to add a pop-up window for each promo. Try to create at least 3 pop-ups which will load simultaneously or one by one. And remember: the more offers, the better as each one doubles your chances of getting an order.

Don’t follow up your clients

There is no need to bother your clients with any emails. Don’t ask them for any reviews or opinions. Your clients will go to your site and write what they think themselves.

As far as abandoned carts are concerned, trust me, your visitors do remember about them and they will definitely recover their carts one day, so don’t remind about your store.

Ignore all the previous points

As you might have already guessed, all the “DON’Ts” above should be replaced with the “DOs”. The aim of this article is to let you step in your customer’s shoes and walk a mile wearing them.

Look at your store with a fresh look and try to answer the following questions:

  1. Do you like it?
  2. Does it cover all the needed aspects?
  3. Does your store demonstrate the products well enough?
  4. Is your store mobile friendly and easily accessible on mobile devices?
  5. Does your site quick enough not to make potential customers frustrated?
  6. Do you ask your customers’ opinions about shopping with you?

After answering these questions you can build a better picture of your e-commerce site and understand what you are doing right and which aspects need improvement. With this knowledge under your belt you can improve shopping experience in your store and get more revenue as this is the final goal.

By Kristina Azarenko, marketing manager and SEO specialist at Amasty