How businesses can help create team unity

Successful businesses become so because there is a unified team effort to make everything work as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Good communications between employees, from senior down to junior, are the key to things working well, especially if there is mutual respect between team members who are all striving to do their best for the business and its development.

shutterstock_155341358However, it may not all go smoothly if there are divisions within the workforce, for whatever reason that might be. There are various problems that can arise and a sharp boss will spot them and move to deal with them. For example, some team members just may not get along well; after all, human nature means you don’t necessarily like everyone you work with. If, for example, a senior manager has an abrasive manner that can offend some employees then that needs to be identified and sorted out.

So, what can you do if you find you have some divisions that are affecting productivity and the atmosphere in the workplace?

Internal relations

It’s always worth looking to see how you can patch up differences or create working practices that encourage positivity. If a team doesn’t seem to be getting on, look at creating a new team project with good roles for each employee rather than everyone working as individuals. Encouraging good teamwork will lead to positive outcomes. Employees can feel more engaged in processes, feel valued, and often higher productivity is achieved.

Keeping workers uninformed is also liable to have a negative effect. Of course, some things have to remain confidential, but having daily meetings to keep people informed as well as asking for feedback can go a long way to help end division.

External options

Team building isn’t just about what happens in the workplace. It’s also an area you can develop by using external activities to bring people together and have fun. Here are some ideas you could consider:

  • Paintballing: here’s a day out where it’s all about the team, watching each others’ backs as you do your best to zap your opponents. It’s raucous, energetic and strangely cathartic when you see that paint splat hit one of your enemies!
  • Sporting events: as a relaxing way to enjoy the company of workmates as well as having a great time, a day at the races could be just what the doctor ordered. The Grand National is probably one of the best-known horse races in the world, so a visit there with a sweepstake for a bet or two, checking out 2016 Grand National Odds as well, can be a great bonding day.
  • A night on the town: something as simple as going out for a meal and having a few drinks to relax can help with team building as people get to know each other better.

However you decide to address any problems within your team, take the time to think through your options thoroughly before implementing your plans.