Help the environment, and your businesses wallet, with these top energy saving tips

Businesses can do a lot to help the environment by making small changes within a commercial property on a daily basis. LED Ecolite shows the positive impact that certain actions can have on both the environment, as well as the pennies in their pocket. From opening the blinds to allow natural light into the office, from simply turning printers, computers and televisions off at the main plug, can all have effects on energy consumption.

There are many resources that focus on homes becoming energy efficient but statistics regarding businesses aren’t as readily available. Understanding the impact an office or commercial premises has on the environment, including the use of cars and other transportation, needs to be at the forefront and content such as this helps to highlight where savings can be made.

Thinking about the way businesses uses energy isn’t time consuming and not only benefits the planet, it also saves business owners money that will start to come into fruition not long after implementing the changes. Other options are considering a cycle to work scheme or promoting lift shares amongst colleagues – it doesn’t have to be directly associated with the office environment.

A few small changes to your office environment can make you a greener and more sustainable company. Changing your light bulbs from halogens to LEDs will save money on energy bills. Encourage your employees to shut down their computers at night to further save energy. As well as shutting computers down, shut down your printers, it might take a bit of time to turn on in the morning but it will save your energy bill.

As you can see from this visual article, it’s not specific for one particular room, but there is in fact many areas a commercial property can make a difference. Follow these tips and be q responsible workplace, and save some cash.