Why brands have enlisted the help of celebrities for recognition

It’s a crowded marketplace out there. Thousands of brands are all jostling for space and consumers are spoilt for choice. As a result, it can be hard to differentiate one brand from another. It is important to find a way of standing out from the crowd, which is why celebrity brand endorsements can make a huge difference – and here’s how.

UntitledCelebrity culture

Celebrity culture is big news in today’s connected world. Turn on the TV or go online and you will be able to hear all of the mundane details about your favourite celebrity’s life, from what they had for dinner to what lipstick they are wearing. It’s all fairly unexciting stuff, but their fans lap it up.

The world of celebrity endorsements

If Kendall Jenner steps out wearing a new pair of Kurt Geiger shoes, the world takes notice. The same happens if a TV reality star talks all about a new hot tub they have had installed in their garden. One quick plug for the manufacturer and their hot tub sales will enjoy a huge spike. We watch, we listen, we read, and then we go out and buy the product. That’s how the world of celebrity endorsements works.

Even big brands like XTrade are beginning to understand the value of celebrity endorsements when it comes to boosting brand awareness. It isn’t enough to devise a cool advertising programme or send out lots of carefully written press releases. Without a celebrity to raise brand awareness, the majority of people won’t be any the wiser.

Building brand awareness

Niche products and services, such as CFD trading, can benefit greatly from celebrity endorsement. The majority of people don’t have a clue about online trading, but if Cristian Ronaldo starts talking about how well-respected XTrade is, and why trading online is not that dissimilar to achieving success in the sporting world, people will sit up and listen.

XTrade has more than 1,000 people in its 21 offices worldwide and is fully regulated, but until Cristiano Ronaldo became its brand ambassador, not everyone knew how easy it was to go online and have a go at forex trading. Now, thanks to Ronaldo’s global image and celebrity status, XTrade has a much wider brand reach.

Targeting new customers

Asking a celebrity to endorse your products or become your brand ambassador is a great way of reaching new customers. Often, a brand has an established customer base, but they are struggling to expand into new areas. By targeting a celebrity with appeal in a different demographic, it becomes a lot easier to reach a whole new customer base.

Celebrities can also breathe life into a failing brand. Their interest creates new awareness and excitement in an old brand that has fallen out of favour with the general public. So if your brand is struggling a bit, enlist the help of a famous person and ask them to plug your products on Twitter or Facebook.