Why video is becoming the go to content source for businesses

Over the past 10 years, we have seen a huge rise in popularity of video content on the internet from social media platforms to commercially produced material.

shutterstock_343079711Video has seemingly taken over the internet and as such, it will come as no surprise to learn that it is fast becoming the go-to content source for modern businesses. New technologies are always being introduced and video seems to be the hottest thing at the moment, with good quality video hardware and software now being demanded and expected rather than being a luxury.

The internet provides us with access to all kinds of videos, from hosting sites like YouTube to companies like The Mob Film Company. You can get an advert made by a company like Mob to promote any kind of business and this video can be used on any platform from the internet to TV.

So, why is video content so popular?

Research shows that people are spending more time looking at digital videos than they are social media, which means that nearly 70% of US marketers propose to increase their video budgets within the next 12 months. Many major brands are turning to video to help them to engage with their target audience and here’s why:

  • Video allows you to visually connect

Digital video provides viewers with the ability to visually connect with a brand, which is why a simple 30-second long advert can inspire us to spend money on a new car or bring us to tears and donate money to charity. The images accompanied by sound provide a unique and compelling way to engage with audiences all over the world, whatever sector you specialise in.

  • Video improves your marketing

Video can be used to boost brand awareness and revenue, by using a mixture of branding strategies and marketing initiatives through the use of text, audio and images.

  • Video can be repurposed

Another great thing about using video is that it can be repurposed and reused for a number of different purposes, including the following:

  • You can take stills from it to use as images
  • You can create behind the scenes footage
  • You can create smaller promotional clips
  • You can add music or a narrative to create a different message

There are lots of benefits for using videos when it comes to boosting brand awareness and it works well for anything from small to large companies and will help you to create a loyal customer base, attract new customers and build a stronger reputation. Quality rather than quantity is important just as it is in many other marketing strategies and creating high quality, unique video content isn’t something that all businesses can afford to do. It requires you to make big financial investments, as well as human capital investments but if you can create a marketing budget to spend on video – you will reap the benefits more than any other medium.