Revealed: The advantages of multi-channel selling online

It’s no secret that businesses are always looking for more ways to sell products and services. Convenience is the order of the day in the 21st century. Consumers want to buy the things they want in the easiest ways possible.

shutterstock_247426483The web offers buyers a variety of payment methods aside from debit and credit cards. But, convenience doesn’t just stop at how we buy things. It continues with how we buy them as well. For example, RFID technology has meant people can buy things using smartphones.

Retailers can take advantage of these new technologies. They can also apply them to a variety of selling platforms. Selling to multiple channels online is something that has gained traction in recent years. If you only sell through one channel, here’s why you need to go down the multi-channel route:

Your customers are in control of their purchases

When you only sell through one online platform, you are forcing your customers to use it. But, when you have several channels available, they are in control. They can select which channels are the most convenient for their needs.

For example, some people might favour eBay over Amazon and vice-versa. You are giving your customers the power to enhance their shopping experience.

You don’t need so much physical space

Believe it or not, a multi-channel setup can help you reduce the space you use! There’s no denying that a retail store will need to devote some floor space to customers. When you stick with an online multi-channel arrangement, you free up that space.

That means you can either downsize and save money or use the extra space to buy more stock from wholesalers.

Software integration is possible

Some of you might be thinking that administering several channels can be a nightmare. But, it’s easier than you think! Why? Because you can use the power of technology to make it possible!

For example, did you know that you can get Amazon and eBay integration software? That means you can use one platform to manage stock movements.

Bigger marketplace

Perhaps the main selling point of multi-channel online sales is your market. By selling on two or more platforms, you increase your potential target audience. For instance, you might decide to sell through your website and on eBay.

Or you might wish to stick with Amazon and eBay alone. In fact, there are limitless opportunities open to you. All you need to do is decide where you think your audience is likely to buy from the most!

You can target “showroomers”

Let’s say the products you sell are available in retail stores. Many people look at items locally and then find them cheaper online. This approach is known as “showrooming.”

The beauty of an online multi-channel setup is you can target those types of customers. Especially if your prices undercut retail ones!

You increase your brand visibility

Last, but not least, you will get your brand name out in front of more people online. A multi-channel strategy will help you promote your brand to more people on the Internet.