Investors, even the government love them. OK, but what about the other 99.9% of start-ups?

The Dragons Den and The Apprentice are just a few of the many business based television shows out there tapping into the massively growing trends in starting your own business. We have all heard promises before that “this is different” but seldom does this promise ever deliver. This is not one of those times.

shutterstock_334043420Angels Investment Show” & “Pitch Battle” a brand new format of Start-up investment TV is not focused on the “business unicorns” the fraction of a percent of UK startups designed as fast growth money making machines. Instead the broad appeal of helping a huge range of good quality, high impact business. Inspiration not a dream aspiration, more a hand up that a lottery ticket mentality.

A staggering 100 million businesses are launched annually, one in three will fail, according to figures from GEM Global Report. But if the sheer number of start-ups launched globally can be hard to grasp, spare a thought for the unknown masses lacking the confidence, to even start. Innovative concepts, ground breaking ideas, world changing inventions, go unrealised, languishing in spare rooms, notebooks or the minds of confused and fearful wannabe founders. . . “Angels Investment Show” & “Pitch Battle” aims to inspire it’s to this audience to business success, not by showcasing the rare, the thick skinned super slick sales pitches, but real life business they can identify with.

‘I believe that no matter their background, education or financial position, their gender or the connections they may or may not have those unsung heroes of the business world, the great idea thinkers, the entrepreneurs with grand aspirations and an empty bank account deserve their chance, their shot at success.’ Reza, LEN


“London Entrepreneurs Network” (LEN) was established in 2008 and has grown to be one of the UK’s largest and most active networking groups for entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs. We currently have 25,000 members, a figure that is expanding at a rate of 500 or more new registrations each month, organically.

In our history we have hosted hundreds of networking events in London, each attended by over a hundred members and guests. We collaborate with mentoring groups, to get our members face to face with some of the most successful business development minds in the country, and have partnerships with other experienced professionals – in the fields of web development, marketing, finance and law – to give our members access to a wide range of training and support to help them to succeed. We work with leading keynote speakers and coaches to make our events interesting and practical. And, each year, we collaborate with The Business Show and Business Startup Show organisers on ever larger and more popular stands, from which we run live versions of The Angels Investment Show®.

Training, mentoring, dinner and business lunch events, exhibitions and our regular networking evenings – LEN is a dynamic, growing, ever-evolving, FREE resource for small businesses, entrepreneurs and investors looking for partnerships, funding, new business, collaborations, or to learn from those more experienced than them.

The “Angels Investment Show” is a natural evolution for our business – and one that we are proud to share with you here.

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