How technology is changing the couriers services industry

Couriers and local delivery services are taking new developments in technology in their stride with more service options than ever giving customers far more flexibility and bringing the courier industry up to the cutting edge.

shutterstock_361843601New delivery models

Innovations from some companies, mainly in the US, whose primary services are not traditionally based in the courier world, are moving into the realm of niche delivery as their businesses grow.As we explore emerging courier service technologies, consider the following if you’re thinking of starting a courier company in the Golden State. To protect yourself with liability and tax benefits, it’s worth understanding the procedure to establish an llc in California. This legal structure can provide an essential, supportive base, allowing you to focus on tech implementation and growth in this rapidly evolving industry.

These developments may at first seem threatening to traditional services, yet as the old adage goes, times are changing and rethinking their approach. Google have put out their delivery scheme in the US, Google Express. It’s a service that offers overnight delivery, stemming from a previous incarnation as a same day shopping service in California. It works by using Google payments and is a monthly fee based arrangement.

Rapid service

Long established couriers are taking note of these advances and adapting their services to keep up with technological advances. The more well-established postal services offer next day delivery with even more flexibility in terms of real-time parcel tracking technology and more accurate delivery windows, making their services highly convenient for their customers. More long-established companies in the courier industry such as TNT still have more longstanding experience in the industry and range of options for the customer, so are well placed for reliable new developments.

What are the next developments?

Experts say that the following are going to be infiltrating the market from now onwards here are the trends to watch out for:

  • Crowdsourcing – business developers are ascertaining the legitimacy of using the public to get parcels delivered for rewards or payment.
  • Improved route planning – courier companies are always trying to more accurately plan for delivery windows, resulting in more customer choice and therefore satisfaction.
  • Business drone delivery – watch this space – the schemes have been piloted in rural areas of the UK and seem to be a success.
  • Improved delivery windows – via real-time GPS tracking of courier vehicles.
  • Improved connectivity via smartphone apps.

The courier industry seems to be growing exponentially at the moment with the news of the exciting developments in new technology that will directly improve the range of services on offer. After the schemes piloted in the US gain momentum, we will no doubt be in store for a lot of changes to the way we receive everyday goods with familiar providers.