Car apps to make you a better driver

Hippo Car Leasing have complied a list of handy car apps for your phone making driving a lot easier – especially if you’re fairly new to it all. 

Car Apps To Make You A Better DriverDriveGain

Price: £3.99

The DriveGain app aims to help you save fuel by giving you some top tips – for example, driving at 60mph would save you more fuel than driving at 70mph. It also tells you which gear you should be driving in, in order for you to keep fuel consumption to a minimum. It also offers audio support which is perfect for if you’re driving as it can read out what you should be doing in order to save fuel. It’s ideal for those who love to save money.

Available on: iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

RAC Traffic/Traffic+

Price: Free

This app includes a route planner in which you enter your destination and the app will show you the best and easiest way to get there. Traffic news is also featured, so the app will tell you which motorways/roads are the busiest and any recent accidents which have occurred in order for you to avoid. If you have broken down, you can pin point on the map where you are and a member of the RAC will be contacted.

Available on: iPhone, Android, iPad, iPod touch

Navmii GPS

Price: Free

This is a free sat-nav system which helps you get to your destination quickly and gives you a heads up with any recent traffic/hazard warnings, making your journey hassle free. It also takes note of your overall mileage, your driving performance and the places you have been.

Available on: iPhone, Android

Intelligent Marmalade

Price: Free

This app allows you to record your journeys and then it gives you a score on your driving. It then tells you if your insurance will decrease or increase and gives you an estimated percentage of how much you’d save. It acts as a great way to help new drivers become a lot more safer on the road and therefore save money.

Available on: iPhone, iPad

Aviva Drive

Price: Free

This app is great for if you want to monitor your driving and make some improvements. It gives you a rating out of 10 and then give you some feedback e.g. Be lighter on your acceleration pedal, it will then elaborate and tell you how often you may do this. You’re able to then view your progress and earn discounts for your car insurance.

Available on: iPhone, Android