Ways to incentivise your work force

In order to keep employees feeling positive and motivated at work it’s sometimes necessary to offer incentives to boost morale. There are several easy ways you can do this, by implementing a few little perks here and there that employees can look forward to is crucial keeping them interested and enjoying work.

shutterstock_245637346Here’s a few ideas to get you started incentivising your work force today:

Day trips

Company away days are a great way to incentivise your workforce and show them that you appreciate all the hard work they put in day in day out. Try and plan something that’s fun and spontaneous to surprise your employees. Organise a bus trip away to an activity park or somewhere like Go Ape, where employees can team build and have fun. Don’t forget to finish off the day with a company pub lunch and drinks.

Free meals and drinks

A regular incentive that you can incorporate into office life is free meals or drinks. However you want to do this is up to you. Some companies offer their employees a free lunch on a Friday, some take the office out for a pub lunch or after work drinks once a month, others let employees order a breakfast sandwich on them. Some kind of free food incentive helps to motivate employees and is a nice treat for employees to look forward to. It has recently become a popular trend for offices to offer their employees free fruit, this is a great option to consider as it promotes a healthy workforce and is a nice gesture from company.


One of the best ways to incentivise staff is by offering discount holidays. You can incorporate these into your office calendar however you like and feel best suits your business. A good way to do this is to organise a company trip to somewhere far away and offer a discount rate. The Bolsover Cruise Club have amazing trips to places like Norway where you can experience a whole different culture and do a lot of team bonding.

There are a number of different ways to incentivise your workforce and only you will know what will best work for your business based on the interests of your employees. Free food and drinks promotes better social bonding between employees, whereas away days can work on building team moral and as a fail safe, all employees love the idea of a holiday away too.