5 life skills entrepreneurs can gain from gaming

So many entrepreneurs are so caught up in starting their new business that they forget to take time out to refresh. Actually, there is much to be learned even during times of R&R if you are at all into gaming. Never played online games before? Maybe it’s time you tried some! Consider these 5 life skills entrepreneurs can learn from gaming.

shutterstock_1813257291. Teamwork

Many games can be played individually against the AI whilst others can be played in multi-player mode. Sometimes you play with a group of players against another team and this is a great opportunity to hone up your skills as a team player. There will be times you need to sacrifice your player for the good of the team and that is something every entrepreneur should learn. To reach a goal the entire team needs to be on the same page and gaming in a team can help you understand the importance of being a team player.

2. Patience

Some games require you to be patient. Although you want to fly through the moves, it might be in your best interest to sit back and watch. You might want to jump into the foray but your gut tells you now is not the time. Learn to listen to those inner instincts so that you can patiently wait until the time is right to make your move.

3. Strategic planning

Especially with online board and card games, strategy is a vital component. When starting a new business, it is important to look at the long and short term goals and figure out how you are going to meet them step by step. This is much like board games where you need to make the right move to get to the next level. You can learn to strategize by planning your moves, step by step. Strategizing requires brain power and this is a skill you certainly can use as an entrepreneur.

4. Quick thinking / decision making

Some games are action-packed to the point where you are literally ‘thinking on your feet.’ Should you use your ammunition to fight the dragon or try to sneak your way around him, saving your ammo for the wizard that may pop out around the bend? When confronted with rapid-fire plays, you learn the art of quick thinking so that you can improve your day to day decision making skills.

5. Working around obstacles

Some games will have obstacles that you need to work your way around to go up a level. Entrepreneurs are confronted with obstacles day in and day out but it’s how they handle them that will make or break their company. Gaming is a great way to learn creative thinking and how to circumvent obstacles. One thing is for certain. If you run a business, things will pop up in your way almost every day of the year. Do you let that throw you into panic or do you work your way around? If you want to succeed, you learn to embrace those obstacles and work your way around.

The next time you feel you should take time away to refresh and re-energise, why not try your hand at gaming? You can have fun but you can learn life skills at the same time that will come in handy as an entrepreneur. Whoever said life wasn’t all fun and games? To an entrepreneur it certainly should be!