The best London boroughs for serviced offices

London is by far the business capital of the UK, and for any new company it is often the aim to one day have an office in the capital. With so many people and such a varied landscape it offers thousands of opportunities for all sorts of businesses to form, grow and achieve success.

shutterstock_97066739Whether you run an existing company or are a fresh start-up looking for a base, making the most of serviced offices such as those available from Be Offices can be a cost-effective option. Serviced offices are growing in popularity and can be found across the capital, but which borough is best for your business?

The City

London’s The City is one of the most famous business areas in the world and home to many globally renowned companies. Therefore it’s no surprise every new business wants to have an office there and that rental prices are some of the most expensive around. Serviced offices offer a cheaper alternative with the ability to impress thanks to such an esteemed address.

Silicon Roundabout

Silicon Roundabout, or Tech City, is the area of London where a plethora of technology companies have sprung up and made their home. If you run a tech start-up or more established business in the sector then this borough is a good choice. Being surrounded by like-minded companies offers plenty of opportunities to network and share ideas.


Harrow recently won an award for the best all round small business friendly borough. It has proven to be a successful area for many new start-ups and this award will only increase its popularity. Situated outside of the centre results in cheaper rents than in The City, but for cash-strapped businesses a serviced office in the area will still work out as more cost-effective.


Considering it is so close to the capital’s financial and business centre, Islington has one of the lowest failure rates for start-ups in London. Close to many other businesses, great public transport links with easy access to both sides of the river can make it appealing to all sorts of companies.


Richmond features the best of Harrow and Islington; further away from the centre and a decent reputation, with a similarly low failure rate like in Islington. Full of parks and open spaces it is more advantageous for creative companies, less so for financial businesses for example. Choosing the right area will depend on your type of business, though renting a serviced office in any of these areas will provide many advantages.