3 key benefits of becoming self-employed

Working from home is a dream many people share. The freedom to get up and work when you want, with none of the pressures that come with working in an office sounds great. According to recent statistics, it’s a dream that many people are making a reality, with the number of self-employed people rising.

Of course, being self-employed doesn’t actually mean you can laze around in bed all day without doing much work and still earn a decent salary. There will be plenty of hard work involved if you want to make a success of it, although the practice does still hold many benefits. Here are three of the main ones.

  1. Flexibility

The main reason a lot of people choose to go self-employed is the flexibility such a working lifestyle provides. As your own boss you can essentially choose the hours you work each day, which makes it ideal if you have young children to pick up from school or nursery.

It allows you to fit work around family life but can also suit some people better if they work more effectively in the early morning or evening. There are no uniforms so you can work in comfy clothing, plus if you have a sick day there won’t be anyone you have to tell.

  1. Reduced spending

Commuting costs can soon add up, whether you drive or take public transport to the office. Working from home eliminates this cost completely, as well as the stress and hassle of wasting an hour or more of your day going to and from work.

Lunches will be cheaper, childcare costs can be cut down and there’s no expense for buying more expensive, smart uniforms. Plus you can still afford many other necessities despite not being employed by a company, such as contributing to your own pension or taking out a self-employed mortgage from Saffron Building Society.

  1. More choice

No longer do you have to follow orders and do exactly what your bosses require. Instead, there is far more choice being self-employed, regarding the amount and type of work you take on. You could have a meeting with a potential client and not fancy the work being offered so turn it down.

Maybe you have various talents and want to use all of them in your new self-employed business. This can be done if you have the drive to seek out such opportunities and secure the business. Going self-employed could be the best working decision you ever make.