Why QR codes still matter and your business needs one

What are QR codes?

QR codes are the black and white blocky squares you often see in advertisements. Also known as Quick Response codes, they can be scanned with a smartphone to reveal more information about a company or a special offer.

QR codes

These two-dimensional barcodes help businesses get traffic to their websites, coupons or other pages. QR codes have graced the labels of ketchup bottles and have also appeared on magazine covers.

Positive benefits

Although user response varies, Quick Response codes still matter and can be a useful tool for your business. There are several reasons to add Quick Response codes to your marketing and advertising strategies. First, they are easy to create and will not cost money. You can find free QR code generators online that make the process fast and simple. Second, they can help you connect with the growing mobile user crowd that wants to use their smartphones for everything. Third, you can track the metrics of your codes with simple tools such as AzonMobile or Beqrious and learn more about your customers.

Creative outlets

Although dynamic QR codes may appear as uninspiring black and white squares, companies have discovered different ways to make them more interesting. Another benefit is that they can push your business to reach new creative levels. What can you do with this two-dimensional barcode that will engage your customers?

Companies like Instagram have created colourful dynamic QR codes that look more like miniature paintings. JC Penney used QR codes to make digital gift tags, so consumers could create their own messages to scan. Tesco took QR codes to another level by using them in its virtual store campaign. After covering the walls of a subway station with images of their products for sale, they added QR codes, so customers could easily scan and buy what they wanted.

Easy integration

QR codes can stand on their own, but they can also be easily integrated with other marketing and advertising campaigns. You can add them to new ads or direct mail efforts. They can be part of email marketing or magazine stories. Since they can be customised, they are a versatile tool to add to your business.

Unusual advantages

Most businesses use Quick Response codes to give customers a chance to learn more about a company, download an app or get a coupon. However, Quick Response codes can be used in other ways to benefit your brand and increase your income. You can turn them into virtual business cards and save on printing costs. You can feature them on your company’s rooftop or sell the space to others for a profit. You can use them to encourage donations to a charity or nonprofit.

QR codes are easy to implement and can help you learn more about consumers. These codes may seem simple on the surface, but they have turned into a good resource for many businesses. If you allow your creativity to take over, then they can help you reach new audiences and grow your business.