How do I get the most of my motor trade policy?

Entering the motor trade market is not easy by any stretch of the imagination at we give our advice of how to make the most of your motor trade insurance and save money while you do it. 

motor trade insuranceThere are many different aspects you need to plan before you even think of asking “how do I get a motor trade policy in place?” At the very outset it’s important to understand the many different places you can get advice. Our brokers have an enormous wealth of experience and knowledge in every area of the motor trade. A clever customer knowing they will need cheaper motor trade insurance in the near future may well use those tips and advice from the beginning.

Did you know that the insurance required by law is probably one of your biggest costs when setting up? Aside from vehicle purchases, renting premises, it’s essential when needing to protect those investments too. While you are busy researching your competitors and putting price points together on services. Someone else, a specialist trade brokerage like ourselves, could be handling the trader’s insurance online comparison for you.

How do I get a motor trade policy when there are so many websites with different information? It’s mind blowing. In our experience there’s little point spending weeks trying to find the best quote on trader’s insurance yourself. Yes you are provided comparison tools but all the detail is within the policy terms. How can even the most knowledgeable motor trader have time to go through several thousand lines of technical detail? This is how buying motor trade insurance online has become much easier.

Firstly we receive your completed enquiry form details and assess the information. For more help visit Comparing vehicle data, driver history and the area within which you operate. We check if you have premises, the services you provide, the value of the work you carry out and so far… so far you’ve done little but fill out a form. We will check manufacturer databases, view previous trade insurance history and the claims made by similar businesses.

From all of this data we are able to deliver a quick and affordable motor trade insurance quote with low premiums. Ensuring that you have the correct liability insurance, indemnity cover and goods in class insurance. Now ask again “how do I get a motor trade policy without doing anything myself?” You call us or complete the enquiry form and we’ll call you straight back with a decent offer. In fact, by talking to you from the very beginning, by striking up a relationship because you wanted to know something else. We begin to know and understand you and your company’s activity better. This gives us more confidence to fight your corner when discussing a cheaper trade insurance quote with one of the UK’s top trade insurance underwriters. The brokers are at hand to answer any questions you have.

If the question on the tip of your tongue is “how do I get a motor trade policy for my new MOT Centre?” Pick up the phone and call. Car valeter, breakdown recovery agent, tipper, owner driver, just call and ask.