Storing your prestige car

When it comes to your prestige supercars, care is a very important aspect. Supercars are fast, they are fun, and in some cases, look crazy, but they still need due care and attention to ensure they remain in the best condition possible. This helps maintain the car’s value and stops it depreciating by too much.

Prestige Car Storage 1So what do you do when circumstances change and you have to be away for long periods of time due to business or personal commitments?

We suggest the best way of keeping your prestige cars in top condition is to put them in specialist storage facilities for prestige cars instead of, for example, simply leaving them in your home garage or worse, out in the open air.

Risks of storing in the wrong place

While leaving it outside, might seem like an easy choice because you don’t have to clear out your own garage or pay for storage, however it can have serious adverse effects on the car.

Leaving a luxury supercar outside to be exposed to rain, wind, freezing temperatures, snow and sunlight can lead to the car suffering in the long-term. Although you may not see the effects day to day, but at the end, if you ever come to sell it, the value of the car will be lower than it should be.

Also if you are away from home for long periods of time because of business or personal reasons, then to reduce risk of theft or damage, it would be a good idea to not leave them at home in the garages and place them in specialised storage facilities where they are under 24-hour security and secure storage containers.

Benefits of prestige car storage

When it comes to the benefits of storing your supercar, luxury car or even a normal everyday car that you do not use often, there are a variety of reasons to use car storage facilities.

Security is essential for cars of high value because everyone has seen cars keyed, or convertible roofs torn off or even number plates removed. This can all cost much more to replace than is needed and to avoid that, storage is a better choice. The facilities are locked and often have a security team on shift.

The private garaging means that your car is free from vandalism, but also free from the elements. This includes things like tree sap, or leaves, or bird droppings, or sunlight whether than be direct or indirect. When considering how the environment will affect your car in the long run, private garaging is something to very much consider.

When it comes to humidity, this can really affect your car. If the moisture in the air that lowers the relative humidity, then this can have a serious effect on your car and can lead to the development of rust. This is a real issue for supercars and luxury cars. Storage facilities are able to control the relative humidity that means that your car can be kept in a controlled environment and therefore kept in a much better condition than if left out in the natural environment.

Some storage facilities also offer to service and maintain your car, whilst it is in their possession. This means that when you eventually collect it from your chosen facility, it should be in top condition and that removes all your main worries. You can simply drive it away and enjoy the act of actually driving a beautiful, fast, fun supercar or a comfortable luxury car.