Fashion Formula now launched and providing a platform for creative types to access and earn

Fashion Formula is for anyone that appreciates one-of-a-kind items, as an art lover or creator, to digitally print unique and personalised fabrics, gift wraps, wallpapers and accessories. 

4b61bcfc-1644-42ea-9810-53a760f25d0bThe online revolutionary system encourages designers to contribute custom artwork for others to enjoy. In exchange, contributors are compensated for all purchases that feature their design. Fashion Formula owner, Alex Wills, further explains this part of the business:

“When a contributor signs up they’re able to upload their original pattern for purchase. The designer earns 10% of the total cost of each item purchased with their design. The reimbursement value can widely range from £1.75 for a standard tea towel to £400 for 100 meters of twill upholstery or alike premium fabric. The net potential for creators using the platform is endless.”

Fashion Formula’s commission structor is tailored to meet the needs of a wide user base ranging from hobbyist to full time creators. The website also acts as a means to financially assist students during and post their studies, since the company understands the struggle many face to find a paid position. This is affirmed by the Higher Education and Statistics Agency (HESA) in their reports indicating less than 60% of all university graduates obtain full time employment following graduation. Daisy Hristova is an UAL graduate, with a background in journalism and fashion, and has personally faced these challenges. Hristova is now an instrumental member of the Fashion Formula team and explains why she thinks the online system works well for creative scholars:

“It’s so difficult to get a proper paid job these days, especially in creative fields, with all the internships available. Fashion Formula gives students the financial advantage that other opportunities don’t.”

Fashion Formula is an online space to completely explode creativity without boundaries. As of right now, Fashion Formula is disrupting the bespoke fashion trend from their central London office and vastly gaining momentum, as business partner Artemis Doupa elaborates:

“We organically gained over 3,000 followers on Instagram before the website was even launched and have been contacted by a few design houses which is incredible success for us.“

ec9625a2-d1e3-42f0-9cc4-bfabc8d69603Doupa adds, some of the reasons Fashion Formula has been deemed superior from its competitors, right from the beginning, is their wide selection of over 35 fabric or paper types, as well as their state of the art technology with 8 times faster processing capabilities and by offering inexpensive shipping throughout the UK and Europe.

As the Fashion Formula community grows, they’re aiming to leverage the multidisciplinary talents of their contributors to aid inspiration and showcase niche patterns, photography, crafts, textiles, fine art, graphic or graffiti designs. Fashion Formula also has plans to strengthen their ties with universities, as well as offer workshops and seminars online or in person. It’s all in an effort to create the ultimate place for designers to learn, chat and share ideas, while earning. To test the platform for yourself, join Fashion Formula or chime in on the conversation through their social network on Facebook or Instagram.