5 mins with…Jason Davis, founder of One One 7

Founding and heading worldwide entertainment corporation, One One 7, Jason Davis is one of the most dynamic executives of today’s entertainment industry.

Jason Davis One One 7What is your favorite part of your job and what is your least favorite part?

My favorite part of my career is watching others around me learn and grow and seeing lives blossom. I don’t have a least favorite part as I’m very thankful for all I have, but I would say the most challenging component in what we do is the effort and perseverance it takes to make great products consistently and serve people well; it takes an incredible effort and commitment but the rewards are great.

Why did you start One One 7?

One One 7 started organically for me 17 years ago once the doors opened for me in the entertainment industry. When I began to follow God’s path for my life in doing what I was most passionate about he surrounded me with a team that complimented my strengths and weaknesses. Basically I’ve been making records and selling them since I was in high school. So in a sense I’ve always had a business mind and drive.

Is it difficult to give every one of your clients what they want?

It has become a lot easier over the years as we’ve grown, I am a firm believer that the set up is crucial in business and when you start up relationships and everyone’s expectations are properly and thoroughly communicated you avoid difficulties like that.

Have you made any mistakes along the way and how did you overcome them/learn from them?

Any successful person will tell you that they have made their share of mistakes, but I view mistakes as incredible teaching moments. Through all the mistakes and successes I have learned a lot more over the years from my mistakes. I think viewing mistakes as teachable moments when your growing is key.

What would you be doing if you weren’t running your own business?

If I had never gone into the entertainment industry I would have probably went to Bible college. I have a strong love and desire for ministry, so I try to do as much of that as possible in my business and personal life.