Top 4 ways to dominate local SEO

Many business owners in the United Kingdom always find themselves wondering why and how they are able to dominate their online market within their local area. As a business owner we all want to generate as many leads and of course, as many sales as possible. Having a ready stream of customers from various different avenues of marketing is vital in this day and age, especially as we are completely cemented in the digital and internet era.

local SEODominating your local area with online marketing can seem like something that will be of great expense, but in actual fact, the potential amount of prospects that are searching for your product or service using the major search engines is frankly, mind-boggling. Therefore utilising the ability to dominate your online market has the potential to grow your business exponentially so it really is worth the money.

There is no need to fear online marketing though, there are plenty of things that you can do which if done correctly will give your business and its website a kick in the right direction in the eyes of the search engines.

If you are a start-up business, or one that is looking to spend as little as possible on a marketing budget, then the tips that we are going to provide below will allow you to give your website a boost for absolutely nothing, honest! Only a bit of time spent completing these tasks and your website will be on its way to internet marketing heaven.

  1. Be honest with yourself.

I urge every business owner that reads this to sit down, take a look at their website on a desktop and mobile device and ask yourself… “Is this really displaying my products and services the best way it can?” If the answer is ‘NO’ then don’t waste time telling yourself you need to fix your website, take action and it will only ever work in your favour.

It is proven that consumers that are looking for products and services engage and respond at a much higher rate to a business that utilizes web design to the best of its ability. The fact that 80% of people are now searching for products and services online should be a tell-tale sign you need to get your website to a standard that when users have entered it, they do not want to leave.

  1. Content is king!

Secondly, it is important to take the time to understand that website content is an absolute must in the eyes of the almighty search engines. Think of it like this, when you read an article or website you want to know that you are reading information that is valuable, well-structured and correct. So in the eyes of the search engines, they want to see exactly the same thing when their bots read your website. Quality content is a must for your website, allowing the bots to read a website with unique, authoritative content is honestly something that is simple and the only expense spared is time.

Not only should you take the time to write content that excites your user and provides value to the internet, but when writing your website content, ensure that it is rich in keywords that relate to your product and service. No, I do not mean repeating the same word over and over again to try and make the keyword density as high as possible. That is something truly does not add that much value in the eyes of the search engines and especially to your user. If you read something that kept repeating the same word choices what would you think?

So what I mean by having content that is rich in keywords is using a variation of as many keyword choices as possible which relate to your product and services and this is showing relevance and authority to the major search engines. An example of what we mean by this is; imagine if you were a plumber living in London, when researching your keyword choices you would find that people in the area would search for your services in a number of different ways such as, plumbers in London, plumbing companies London, London plumbers, emergency plumbers London, you get where I am going with this right? So when writing your website content, ensure that you are using a variety off the keywords that you find when completing research.

  1. Out-do your competition

Another aspect of online marketing which is completely free for you to utilise is the Google My Business page (GMB) and the Bing Places page. These are both another source of not only customers searching for your business, but is another place to display your products and services and to completely out-do your competitors. That’s the name of the game in business, out-doing competitors in every way possible. So we recommend to spend time on your GMB and Bing page, make sure that the description of your business has not been copied from a piece of content from your website. That is not only lazy, but is not varied in the eyes of the search engines and we cannot stress enough, variation is KEY. On top of the unique description, use as many images as possible, using images that you have taken at work and using your business logos truly adds authenticity and provides customers that do find your pages a full understanding of the levels of service or quality of products you provide.

Plus, those sources are just more places that your business name, address, phone number and website URL appear in the World Wide Web. The more virtual real estate that your business has, the better!

  1. Google AdWords

Now we have given you some tips on the things are completely free and help you give you a kick in the right direction with your online marketing, something we that recommend to all business owners is to actually use Google AdWords to its full potential. We find that many business owners have never jumped at the chance to use it, some would say it is costly, albeit it can provide you with some great real time analysis over the space of 14-31 days. As mobile phones are at the peak of their usage, people are now searching far more using a mobile than a desktop device and we find that businesses aren’t utilizing that fact.

Google AdWords has the option for your ad’s’ to be seen on various different networks and you are able to specifically show your ads to people searching for your services using only their mobile phone. Consumers that are searching for a service using their mobile phone, we have found have a higher likely-hood to call straight through to a business they find. Using AdWords correctly, with correct budgets in place, can potentially put your business at the very top of the search results when someone is searching for your service on their mobile, which is exactly where you want to be!

Not only is this maximizing the opportunity that someone is to click through to your site, or call for your product and service, but in the eyes of the search engines, this adds trust to your website and your business. If they see that you’re a business that is truly willing to spend and is honestly looking to utilize your online market, this gives them added trust and we have actually seen an increase in search engine rankings compared to the business that don’t use Google AdWords.

We cannot stress this enough to business owners that are wanting a ready stream of customers; People are searching for your products and services every single day, month and year. Cornering your market online has the ability to launch you to new heights.

Here at LaunchLocal, the aim of our game, is displayed clearly in the name. We want to launch local businesses and give them the opportunity to excel and thrive in the world of online marketing, increase the amount of leads that are generated and to increase sales overall.