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Relocation packages rise in the digital industry as businesses battle for talent amid a worsening skills shortage

Businesses eager to recruit skilled digital professionals need to offer competitive relocation packages, research has found – with 94% of digital candidates willing to relocate for a role if offered good perks.  

shutterstock_144903406The research, undertaken by Manchester-based digital recruitment agency The Candidate, surveyed 500 digital professionals and revealed that 25% have been offered a relocation package. Although this is a rise from two years ago, when just 17% of digital professionals had been offered this kind of incentive, the research suggests businesses need to be offering more in order to recruit. 

According to the study, of the packages being offered 69% included paid for temporary accommodation, making this the top incentive. This was followed by paid for transport (42%), an increased salary (35%), and paid for legal fees (19%). 

However, the research suggests that what candidates actually look for when relocating is moving to a city they have always wanted to live in (40%), and to move closer to loved ones (33%). The research also revealed that over half (58%) of respondents would want up to a 25% increase in pay, and a huge 38% would want upwards of this in order to move to an unattractive location, such as somewhere rural. 

Brian Matthews, managing partner at The Candidate, said: “It’s no secret that there is a digital skills shortage; it is a huge concern for a lot of businesses in the sector that are desperate to recruit talent to help them expand. 

“Our research suggests that relocation packages might be one answer to combatting this issue. By offering incentives in the form of perks, candidates will be more willing to move – in fact our research suggests that nearly everyone working in the sector would be more likely to. 

“However, we also found that what candidates desire from a relocation isn’t what businesses are offering. It would seem that companies are concentrating on financial incentives, when in fact candidates really want a balance. While money is still important, many are keen to make sure that they will be happy in the new place they are living, and that their loved ones are content. 

“We found that way over half (69%) of candidates that have been offered relocation packages had been offered paid for accommodation. This will be an inviting offer for candidates that have concerns about their family or their partner. Other perks that could be offered to make a move more comfortable for those who have concerns about loved ones, is an inflated holiday entitlement so they can spend time with them. 

“It was positive to see that the number of relocation packages being offered has increased by 8 per cent from two years ago from when The Candidate conducted a similar study. But for businesses wanting to take on talent, more needs to be done – for digital companies struggling to find the skilled professionals they need to grow, relocation packages might be the way forward.” 

The full report can be seen here.

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