Top tips to initiate marketing triggers

As a marketer, it’s your ultimate goal to be able to deliver the right message to the right people, in order to gain optimum results for either your own agency or your clients. This is achieved in understanding your audience and creating the most appealing and most relevant marketing materials to distribute to them. Reaching out to your customers in such an effective way is possible thanks to trigger marketing.

marketing triggersTrigger marketing, otherwise known as event-based marketing, is a method that identifies important events in a customer’s buying decision. When an event occurs in the customer’s lifecycle, a specific marketing activity is undertaken. A ‘trigger’ is something that has happened to the customer that is not necessarily significant, but it could provide you with an opportunity to encourage their decision. They can be incredibly important for marketers trying to gain results.

The theory behind marketing triggers is that the most productive message is one that is most relevant to the customer, based on what is going on in their life at that exact moment. The results of this can be extremely positive and have a great impact on your brand.

But how do you initiate marketing triggers and ensure their success? Here are just a few tips to help you with this modern form of marketing.

Understand your customer

One of the most important steps in setting up the most effective marketing triggers is to understand your customer. Mapping out their customer journey from landing on your website, to completing a goal or making a purchase can help you to understand the way they engage with your brand. Furthermore, this is one of the most efficient ways to identify opportunities to initiate your marketing triggers.

Undergoing research and making sure you know how your customers navigate your business allows you to see perfect chances for relevant marketing campaigns.

Prioritise your trigger choice

You may find that customer journeys highlight ample opportunities, but it’s important to prioritise and choose the ones that are going to work best. What will have the biggest impact on revenue, profit and customer loyalty?

A marketing choice such as promotional products could be the perfect solution. Known for their high ROI compared to other forms of traditional marketing, promotional products are also great for a higher customer response as well as instilling a sense of feeling appreciated and thought of.

Initiate the development

When putting a marketing campaign into action, there are various elements to consider including channels and deployment. Necessary resources are required to bring it all to life; ensuring it is creative, relevant and effective should all be high priorities.

Putting a marketing concept into place needs careful consideration to ensure that execution brings back those all important results!

Review your triggers

Customer trends, such as their needs and attitudes towards making buying decisions, can often change and adapt as the market does. It’s vital to keep looking at your marketing triggers to ensure they are compatible with what is going on at that current moment. Adjusting your marketing approach can prolong your success and ensure you can deliver effective triggers at the right time to encourage customers.

If you’re looking to use promotional products in your next marketing campaign, get in touch with Outstanding Branding.