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Unhappy call centre staff costs the UK economy £2.3 billion a year [infographic]

EvaluAgent, provider of call centre management software, has revealed that employee disengagement and staff unhappiness in call centres costs the UK economy around £2.3 billion annually.

Call centres struggle with a reputation for poor working conditions, and as a result, find it difficult to retain staff, keep them motivated, and maintain a high-level of efficiency in the organisation.

Alarmingly high turnover and absenteeism rates greatly drive up the cost of retaining and replacing staff, and an apathetic approach to job performance means efficiency and productivity are at an all time low in the call centre industry.

Based on figures from call centre industry statistics and research on the impact of engagement amongst employees, EvaluAgent has determined the current cost of disengagement to the call centre industry and the UK economy to be at approximately £2.3bn

Calculation details, methodology and research can be found here.

In order to improve profitability, many call centres are now looking for new and innovative ways to improve the way they motivate and manage their staff.

Jaime Scott, managing director of EvaluAgent comments: “A major challenge faced by call centres is mitigating the cost of disengaged and apathetic staff. This is only truly achieved by creating engaged, productive and happy staff in an industry where employees are often easily switched off. With the right technology and approach to support their staff, call centres have the opportunity to drastically increase their bottom line and outmaneuvre competition.”