Why you should stay in a furnished rental when traveling

Whether for business or pleasure, traveling can be stressful enough on its own. When it’s time to rest and recharge, you want the most comfort and convenience you can get for your money. So what makes a furnished rental better than a hotel?

shutterstock_349297262As it turns out, quite a number of things. Here are several reasons (aside from the free wi-fi) why you should consider a furnished rental the next time you hit the road.

You’ll save money

You can check with any booking site and do the math — the longer your stay, the less money you’re likely to spend, especially when considering options like LastingStay, a platform that offers affordable furnished rentals and corporate housing.

Everything from food to amenities is cheaper in corporate housing or a furnished rental than at a hotel. Not only will you be spending less, but you’ll have room to spread out and be comfortable, since you’ll be staying in an actual apartment or vacation home instead of a cramped hotel room. Many furnished rentals and corporate housing companies are hungrier for your dollar, as well, which means better deals and bigger savings for you.

The food is better

If you choose a furnished rental over a hotel room, you’ll have the freedom to make better (and cheaper) food choices. You’ll no longer be a slave to room service or restaurant hours, which can be murder if you’re working late or keeping a strange schedule. If you want to make yourself a bowl of cereal at three in the morning, you can go right ahead. You still have the option of sampling the local restaurants, of course — but for travelers with special dietary needs, a vacation home or apartment opens up a lot of possibilities.

You’ll feel more at home

Hotel rooms have their advantages, but a warm, inviting feel isn’t always among them. When you choose a furnished house or apartment, you’re staying in an actual, lived-in home. Even corporate housing has a more friendly feel than your average hotel room, making for a welcoming atmosphere when you return from seeing the sights. And the at-home feel isn’t just about aesthetics, it’s also about the practical things: a full-size refrigerator, dishwasher, kitchen facilities, washer and dryer, and so on. You can get these amenities at many hotels, sure, but you’ll probably pay more for them.

Better scheduling

Staying in a furnished rental means fewer restrictions on your time. At a hotel, you’re often bound by the schedule the hotel keeps when it comes to housekeeping, gym or fitness room hours, pool hours, and the aforementioned room service. A stay at a vacation home or apartment means you use the pool or gym when you want, and come and go as you please.

Better privacy

When it comes to housekeeping, a hotel’s cleaning service might end up being one thing you miss — but the trade-off is, you have the privacy to do as you please when you’re relaxing in your rented space. Depending on the accommodations you choose, you can enjoy your stay without any staff or other guests bothering you. This can be a great perk for business travelers who need to focus, or leisure travelers who just love the quiet.

Your family will thank you

Anyone who’s endured a stay in a tiny hotel room with a spouse and children will tell you: it’s not always a treat. Keeping kids distracted while on vacation can be a challenge. A furnished rental offers space, amenities, and savings enough to make any trip that much more comfortable. You’ll not only have a bit more breathing room, you also stand to save quite a bit of money by having some meals at “home.”

Furnished rentals or corporate housing aren’t unbeatable in every travel scenario — if you’re staying in a city for three nights or less, they aren’t quite as cost-effective. But for extended business stays or a week-long vacation, they can be a great money-saver, as well as providing more comfort and convenience than your average hotel room. Take a look at your options the next time you’re booking your trip — you might be surprised at what you find.