Is Android Pay right for your business?

Android Pay has launched in the UK and is ready for businesses to start using.

As experts in the field of contactless payment, Card Cutters give us the lowdown on Google’s new contactless system and how Android Pay can help business.

Android Pay for businessWhat is Android Pay?

Essentially Android Pay is similar to Apple Pay, but it is made by Google and can be found on Android devices. As an app, it is also possible to download from Google Play meaning that users can pay for goods or services in a contactless fashion on any Android device. This includes phones and tablets.

How does it work?

Again, this is similar to Apple Pay; utilising Near Field Communication technologies found with contactless card payments of all types. A user must register the device and can then add all of their credit or debit cards. If they already have a card registered to a Google account, this can be registered.

Like Apple Pay, when a customer comes to pay for something which accepts Android Pay, they just take out their phone or other device and hold it over the card machine, tapping the screen. Even without opening the app, this creates a convenient and cash free way to buy goods and services. The details of the purchase will be stored in the account, so customers can keep track of their transactions.

It can be used for online purchasing too, which means payments go through quicker!

The benefits

The main draw for all contactless payments is the speed and ease with which transcations can be completed. In a rapidly increasing contactless world, Android providing this option for users simply means the amount of consumers going contactless will increase. As a business, offering your customers as many contactless solutions means easing their shopping experience. With greater flexibility and convenience, you are likely to get repeat custom.

It is a safe way to shop, since it uses an account number that is not the actual bank card number, so could help to reduce fraud cases.

What will happen in future?

More and more businesses will start to offer Android Pay as a convenient and safe option for their customers. Consumers prefer to spend as little time as possible on a transaction, making space for all other things in life. Getting contactless in your business will demonstrate to customers that you are on trend and consider them and their convenience.

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