Businesses buying an industrial unit

If you’re looking for the right space for your business and have considered buying an industrial unit, we have a look at some important considerations.


Getting some premises is a big investment. Whilst it is likely to mean the upscaling of your business and provide a space for manufacture, it is also worth spending some time investigating the finances and being sure that you can afford the investment. This also means factoring in costs such as machinery, offices and amenity bills. Can you afford everything to set the business up properly and comfortably? London and Cambridge Properties have a range of properties to suit different budgets and some great in-depth spec on industrial units.


This is an important factor for two different reasons: your staff and your goods. Essentially you need to choose an industrial unit that is easy to access for vehicles delivering goods. It will need good access, such a loading bay and you will need to consider the logistics of having any vehicles stored overnight. Consider your staff. Will it be easy enough for them to make the commute to work? If the shift patterns are likely to be late night, are there transport links to help them find you easily?


We are not talking so much the curtains or blinds, but rather facilities such as office space, kitchen, washrooms and all the other essentials that make up your unit. If you are likely to expand and take on more staff, will you have enough space to fit them all? Be sure to have a thorough look at the space requirements for your business and only look at units that will accommodate your needs. If you are likely to be dispatching large orders, will you need a mail room? How will mail be stored?


Transport links may be important to your staff, and these are not the only thing you are going to need to be close to. For example, the finance department will need to be close to a bank and a post office at the very least, to carry out daily duties. For morale and loyalty, it is also helpful if there are shops and other forms of entertainment close by.

Many of these questions will be pertinent to you as you look forward to securing your industrial unit.

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