What happens when you have an office full of millennials?

The office environment has many dynamics and idiosyncrasies, it is primarily a place of work, but there is far more to it than that. People spend an awful lot of time there during which they socialise, eat and have time to think about themselves and their lives.

shutterstock_250455091If, as many modern offices are, the space is full of millennials, then the dynamics and idiosyncrasies that occur may form a particular pattern. A pattern that would not be a uniform as one that were made by a space occupied by a more mixed demographic of staff.

Maybe the dynamic would be one that incentivised a great rate of productivity and success or perhaps one where, due to the similarity in age, lots of flirting, cavorting or posturing take place – all fine as long as the job gets done.

The Furniture Market came up with a rather unique way of monitoring what happened in their office where the staff are  made up of many millennials – they installed secret cameras inside the space to see what was going on.

Incredibly, the results didn’t find any off-the-wall antics or high jinks. No secret office romances or alliances were to be found, but what did become evident is the sheer vanity of the millennial generation. The staff at The Furniture Market seldom missed an opportunity to check themselves out in any available mirror or to take a moment away from work to groom themselves.

In short, a momentary and uncaptured, by camera, selfie happened on a regular basis and whether or not this is a case of vanity is a matter for debate. However, looking at the still photographs from the video footage does reveal something else. The staff where always working hard and everything else was peripheral to the job at hand.

In this instance, so what if these employees seemed to take an interest in their appearance and well-being? Isn’t that only natural? Isn’t that a positive thing? Wouldn’t a similarly aged group of workers have been doing this in years gone by?

The answer to these questions is undeniably yes! Happy workers, who take pride in their appearance and own well-being are the lifeblood of any good business and so bravo to the staff at The Furniture Market – long may your vanity continue!

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