The benefits of CRM software for manufacturers

CRM software helps organisations to streamline processes, gain overall business visibility and, as a result, save time and money. Many industries can be known to benefit from this service, but today we thought we’d focus specifically on the manufacturing industry.

shutterstock_350928407With several systems and checks that must take place, and a variety of departments that need to work cohesively together, manufacturing is one of the most complex processes that must be handled with precision. Here’s a few ways that CRM software can help:

All your departments can work as one. The right solution will unite all parties and factors of the manufacturing process together as one. The customer, design, production, product creation and delivery can all be managed in one place.

Know more about your customers. You can manage every one of your customers, as well as get a comprehensive view of what’s happening on all levels. With this in place, you can cross-sell and up-sell, and ensure any leads that have been generated are followed-up!

Manage a project from beginning to end. CRM software, such as Sage 200 software, allows you to manage your work from initial quote through to dispatch, delivery and receipt.

Get a smoother customer-to-production process. Certain types of manufacturing CRM software remove the need for sales and customer service people. Customers can place an order online, and that order can head straight to the production line!

Increase customer response times. A smoother and more efficient customer relationship management process will provide vital improvements to the time it takes for you to respond to customer enquiries and increases overall customer satisfaction.

Control materials and eliminate waste. Storing all the data about your manufacturing processing in one place allows you to control the materials you need, and limit the waste that’s generated. Set alerts to flag up when you’re running out of something, or help you forecast what you may – or may not – need.

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