Leasing the Evoque

A growing number of people and businesses are now choosing to lease their cars rather than to buy them, and it’s unsurprising considering the number of benefits that leasing offers. The Range Rover Evoque, one of the most desirable cars on Britain’s roads today, is available to lease now, and there are plenty of reasons to consider doing so:

shutterstock_62399566Why lease your Evoque?

For both companies and private drivers, the benefits of leasing are strong and many:

What depreciation? The most money-saving aspect of leasing is the lack of depreciation to deal with. As the car decreases in value over time, you will pay the same rate for it each month. However, when it comes to moving on to a new car you can do so without making a major loss when it comes to selling up.

No maintenance costs. When leasing a Range Rover Evoque, you likely won’t ever need to consider unexpected maintenance costs; this is thanks to Land Rover’s warranty usually covering the whole lease period, and this can be especially helpful to companies leasing several cars at once.

Curb your outlay. All of us need to keep a little cash saved up for the unexpected, and both private drivers and businesses can benefit from not having to part with a major initial payment.

Drive the car you deserve. You know the Evoque is the car for you and, with features including its sleek exterior curves, solid alloys, and fantastically equipped cabin, it’s of little wonder that you want it. Leasing – with its affordable monthly plans – opens the door to driving the car you really want.

Why the Evoque?

The question you should ask yourself is “why not?” and you’d be pretty hard-pushed to think of a good reason. The Range Rover Evoque is the car that turns heads and delivers a premium experience inside and out, its sleek looks and high quality interior making it the best-selling vehicle in its class.

Features of the Evoque include a nine-speed automatic gearbox, steering wheel mounted gearshift paddles, and rear parking sensors to make driving all the easier. Additional considerations such as Land Rover’s Hill Descent Control and Terrain Response also make the Evoque a true off-roader with the good looks to match. With engine options ranging from an economical 148bhp 2.0 TD4 to a speedy 237bhp 2.0 Si4, there’s a driving style to suit everyone.

Cosmetic and technological touches just at your fingertips include up to 20” alloys, LED running lights, heated leather seats and two-zone climate control. Practical specs to consider include a capacious 420-litre boot and a five-star Euro NCAP rating.


The leasing packages available with the Range Rover Evoque are designed to suit a variety of pockets. With leasing starting at just £227.28 per month to £484.58 per month depending upon model and timescale chosen, Vantage Leasing will offer the right deal for you.

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