Increase your marketing ROI by exhibiting

Every year, businesses are asked to grow bigger, get more new business and improve their ROI. It’s an endless problem, but one that we often face head-on, prepared for the challenge. One way that businesses can improve their ROI is by exhibiting.

shutterstock_350917211If you’ve never exhibited before, then it can feel like a big upfront investment to exhibit. There aren’t many other channels other than broadcasting that demand such a high upfront cost so it can feel like an uneasy investment.

Exhibiting has proven to have one of the best ROIs if planned out carefully. Here are a few things to consider if you’re looking to exhibit to help increase your ROI:

Consider the cost of everything

Everything at an exhibition has a cost. From the stand space itself to displays and staff costs, everything needs to be considered when you’re assessing your ROI. If the costs start spiralling, then it’s important to consider if this exhibition is realistic for your potential ROI.

Before you agree to the exhibition, work out how many leads or sales you’d need to take to break even. Using this information, you can work out if it’s a good business decision to exhibit at that show. If it’s not, consider either a smaller stand, or a different show. There are plenty of exhibitions around to find the right one for you.

Design your stand to grab attention

Once you’ve decided on the right show (for the right price) it’s important to make the exhibition stands you choose are designed perfectly.

Put your logo in the upper section of each stand to make sure your brand name is easily visible across the exhibition floor. Also make sure that you use a small strapline to explain what you do and why people should stop by your stand.

Make your stand eye-catching, but remember that it’s you and your team that should do the talking. Keep wording to a minimum and keep graphics large and sharp.

Train your staff

Before you exhibit, it’s important to train your staff. Make sure they know what is expected from them – from what they should wear to how they should act on stand. It’s also important to make sure that you give your staff some breathing room. Schedule breaks that should be taken by everybody to make sure that when they are on-stand, they are nothing but professional.

Making sure that your staff are happy and know what they need to do will improve the chances of them converting visitors into leads and sales which will improve your overall ROI.

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