93% of employers would take on somebody who has completed 3 year apprenticeship over 3 years studying

A study conducted by a leading apprenticeship provider, suggests that 93% of employers would opt to take on somebody who has completed a 3 year apprenticeship over somebody who has spent 3 years studying.

shutterstock_251005375The research, carried out by Positive Outcomes, a national provider of work-based training and apprenticeships, questioned 100 UK employers over their attitudes towards apprenticeships.

As part of the study, employers were asked: ‘Thinking about your own company would you take on somebody who had completed a 3-year apprenticeship rather than 3 years studying?’ to which 93% said ‘yes’, with only 7% responding ‘no.’

Kelly Ball, managing director of Positive Outcomes, said: “93% is a huge endorsement of the value that apprenticeships bring. The beauty of them is that you’re gaining hands on experience that is of direct value to an employer. An apprentice is contributing to a business while also developing their own personal skills and abilities.”

She continued: “Studying, on the other hand, has its obvious limitations. There’s only so much you can learn in a classroom. While it’s a great medium to convey theoretical working life, an apprenticeship lets you live it and experience it first-hand. With the need to improve skills in the UK, this is something that’s becomingly increasingly important.”

Respondents to the survey were also asked whether or not they agreed with the statement ‘Apprentices bring a wealth of enthusiasm and energy with them and can make a real difference to a company’s growth.’ To which 86% said ‘yes’, with only 14% saying ‘no’.

Kelly Ball commented: “This is yet another firm endorsement of apprentices and a true reflection of the things they can bring to a company. Young adults brought up in the digital age can introduce a new dimension to a business, helping to create a fresh and vibrant approach.”

She concluded: “Young adults who are at a crossroads and considering what to do in the next stage of their life should consider the opinions of their prospective employers. Our results suggest that apprentices are highly valued for what they bring into a business. Taking on an apprenticeship will see them earning a wage, learning invaluable skills and directly contributing to the success of a business. This experience at a young age will set them up for life.”

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