How to host a successful business event

Hosting a business event is important as it gives you more exposure, showing you in a good light and putting you at the forefront of the minds that matter. If it is done right, that is.

Holding a business event can be really beneficial but if it is a disaster you may do exactly the opposite of what you set out to achieve as a host. Rather than making a good impression, you’ll make a bad one and this will be hard to come back from.

So, with that in mind, here is how to host a successful business event:

Think about location…

The location of your event will give attendees their very first impression of the day. Firstly you need to make sure it is big enough for what you need, has enough space for all the people you intend to invite and has enough rooms available for your requirements.

But you may also want to consider holding it somewhere a little quirky – somewhere that will intrigue guests and build excitement before the event and as soon as they arrive.

…and logistics

You also need to make sure you think about logistics – do you need to bring in more chairs for eating or watching something? Is it outdoors – do you need portable toilets or will you have access to toilets inside? Also, if it’s outside is there any cover should it rain? Do you need to call on the experts to transport in equipment, can they bring anything at the last minute if you realise you have forgotten something? Most importantly do you have enough food and drink to keep your guests fed and hydrated throughout the event?

Preparation is key

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. There will be many different aspects to your event and all sorts of things happening at different times. Make sure you have a well-thought out plan that is drawn up and handed out to all involved. That way, everyone who is part of making sure the day is a success will know what is going on and where, and will be able to help ensure it all runs smoothly.

Invite the right people

You need to make sure you are inviting the right people – those you want to work with, those you want to invest in your product or even buy it. If you don’t invite the people that will bring something to your business, the whole event has been pretty pointless. Alongside this you need to ensure that the whole day appeals to your target audience.

Give them something to take away with them

You want your guests to take something away from the event with them. This could be a goody bag of branded merchandise – which could be as simple as a pen, notepad and your business card – something that will be helpful during the event – so they can take notes in this case – but then take it home with them and think of your business and the event every time they see it.

You could also invite a guest speaker such as one of these from Speakers Corner – this could be a keynote speaker who can leave the audience informed or a motivational speaker who will inspire them. It could also be a comedian to lighten the corporate mood or a personal appearance that will excite and intrigue the audience. It will definitely be a part of the day they won’t forget and will send them home with something to think about.

Create a follow-up plan

Firstly, you may want to create a hashtag, so that everyone at the event can share photos and information as well as connect with you and each other. This can be used as part of your marketing plan before, during and after. You may also want to send a follow-up email – with key information from the day – which will also mean you have a database of all the contact details you need.

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