Top 5 apps and websites you must try when selling your home

Moving home is thought to be one of the most stressful events in a person’s life, so wouldn’t it be a good thing if you could make it more straightforward? Well, that’s where particular apps and websites come in handy. Use the special features of these five apps and websites for various aspects of selling your home, and see if they make the process more enjoyable.


  1. House Simple

House Simple is an online estate agent, helping sellers like you to sell your house quickly, cheaply and simply. Valuation visits are free, you’re given a property expert throughout to manage the sale, and you can use the dashboard to update your listing (including information, photographs and the price) whenever you like. This service could save you an awful lot of money if you’re serious about selling your house, so be sure to consider it before heading to the high street.

  1. Dropbox

Granted, Dropbox hasn’t been designed specifically to help you sell your house, but you’ll be glad you downloaded it once you release its potential. Install it on your phone and store all your information about your house sale on it: you can save important dates, checklists, documents, valuations, contact numbers, images and more. It’s a secure box you can take with you anywhere in the world, and could be a very handy filing system to use to help you manage the stress of selling your property.

  1. Preloved

If you’re selling your house, doubtless you’ll have lots of things you’d like to get rid of before you move to your next property. Take a look at all the clutter you need to clear, and then download an app such as Preloved. Preloved enables you to create adverts for things you no longer want, so sell those sofas and clear your wardrobe if you want a fresh start in your new property with a little extra cash in your pocket!

  1. Which?

If you’re selling your house for the first time (or haven’t been through the process for while), you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed about everything you simply don’t know! That’s where a website like Which? comes in handy. It’s full of impartial advice for sellers, offering guides about the process of selling your house and what the jargon actually all means.

  1. Houzz Interior Design Ideas

The Houzz Interior Design Ideas app isn’t designed specifically to help you sell your house, but you might actually find it very useful for doing just that! Download it to get interior design ideas and staging tips so that you can get your house looking as beautiful as possible in order to make a sale. Connect with thousands of proud homeowners and see if you can borrow inspiration from them: you might find your house viewings are more successful if you’ve presented your home in the right way after using this app.

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