5 essential time management hacks to live by

Are you looking to improve your time management skills? Many of us fumble through the day without ever really getting the important stuff done. And then we clamor late into the night trying to accomplish the most essential tasks that need to be completed before the sun rises the next day.

shutterstock_195499565The best news that we can share with you today is that there are essential time management hacks that you can begin implementing straightaway to improve your productivity.

So much more is going to happen once you start taking advantage of these strategies. Not only will your productivity improve, but you’ll also notice a major increase in your confidence and you’ll start achieving your objectives like a goal crushing machine!

Are you ready to quit messing around? Are you ready to kick your productivity into overdrive? Begin using the five essential time management hacks that we are about to share with you right now and your life will shift dramatically in a positive direction.

Prioritize your day-to-day tasks

Lack of prioritization is the biggest reason why people fail to achieve their goals. And this is foolish because you’ll never see your hopes and dreams come to fruition if you do not make them a priority. In fact, the tasks needed to achieve your goals need to become your main priorities throughout the day.

Do you have a list of goals already created? Do you have a list of tasks that you need to accomplish in order to achieve said goals?

Take that list and begin to put it in order. Make the most important items on your agenda your top priority and put every other goal in list form in order of importance. And once you have your priorities straight, you’ll become unstoppable and you’ll start achieving your goals faster than ever.

Progress not perfection

Many people fail to achieve their goals and miss out on their hopes and dreams because they think that they have to be perfect 100% of the time with everything that they do. This is a huge mistake and it will absolutely hold you back in life if you attempt to be perfect and never make a mistake.

Guess what? You aren’t perfect and you’re never going to be. So do the best that you can to accomplish the tasks necessary to achieve your goals. You may not get everything done perfectly – in fact you’ll barely ever get it right 100% of the time – but you’ll learn how to let things go. You’ll learn how to go easier on yourself. And you’ll learn that the only way to move forward is to complete tasks even if they aren’t done perfectly.

Schedule time to think and plan every day

This might seem counterproductive on the surface since it could seem like you are wasting valuable time planning when you could actually be working toward achieving your goals. But the truth is a whole different story altogether.

Thinking about your next steps and then creating a plan is absolutely essential to becoming more productive toward achieving your goals. How will you know which tasks are most important if you do not take the time to think about them? How will you know what to do next if you haven’t planned in advance? Quite frankly, you’ll be lost and more than likely, you’ll avoid or accidentally ignore your most essential tasks because you didn’t plan ahead properly.

Finish your tasks in half the time you think you need

Too many people go through life acting like a perfectionist. They feel that they have to get everything done perfect all the time. This obviously isn’t true, and we discussed it in greater detail earlier.

A great way to prevent perfectionism is to begin using online tracking software. By tracking the time you have available to complete each task, you’ll see when you are procrastinating and you’ll notice when perfectionism is rearing its ugly head again.

If you happen to spend too much time on a particular project, it’s time to make changes immediately so that you can right the ship. And the easiest way to discover if and when you are wasting time due to perfectionism is to track it online using your favorite time tracking software.

Create a deadline for each project

Finally, creating deadlines is the most effective way to increase productivity. For some reason, when we have a deadline we have a tendency to take it seriously even if the deadline is self-imposed.

By putting a deadline on each project, you will essentially create a sense of urgency. And once that sense of urgency is in place, you’ll take the necessary steps and complete the necessary tasks required to essentially complete the project by or ahead of the deadline.


For some, increasing productivity may seem difficult. But hacking time management gets easier with practice. Use these strategies and you’ll become a time management master in no time my friend.