Communication apps to grow your business overseas

If you operate an online business, chances are that you’re dealing with customers or suppliers from overseas. Going global is now easier than ever before, with most marketplaces well-equipped to deal with international transactions.

shutterstock_377175595Communicating with business contacts overseas is also easier and more cost-effective than in the past. There’s a wide range of handy apps that can help you stay in better touch, whether you need to translate languages or schedule virtual meetings. Here’s a list of some of the best communication apps for businesses.


Google Translate is great if you need to quickly translate a phrase or two, but for more extensive communication with clients in another language, you’ll want a powerful translation app. There’s a range of services on the market, but VerbalizeIt is one of the best. This app is powered by humans rather than machine-provided translations, which means that you can connect with professionals if you need to translate important documents or localize your website for different countries. You can even have a live translator on hand for your next international meeting, all for reasonable fees.


Better yet, you can learn another language yourself! Duolingo is one of the most popular apps for learning new languages. You can either use this service online or download the app for iOS and Android devices. The service covers most European languages, with new options like Mandarin currently in development.


You probably already use WhatsApp to communicate with friends and family living overseas, but this text-based service is also helpful to track deliveries or stay in touch with business contacts. If you are an entrepreneur who travels a lot for work, sending text messages without paying high international calling fees can save you a bundle.

VoIP and VoLTE apps

Along these same lines, there are plentiful VoIP and VoLTE apps out there to call your contacts. Skype is one of the biggest VoIP video calling services. It allows you to place audio and video calls, along with taking part in group chats. VoLTE works similarly to VoIP, but it’s offered through your telecom provider whether it’s Nokia Networks or Verizon Wireless. There are carrier-specific business VoIP apps that can help you connect and save money on crystal-clear long-distance calls.

Trade Map

Another thing you need to think about when you’re growing your business overseas is trade markets. Trade Map is an app developed by the International Trade Centre, offering detailed trade info for 220 countries. You can research export performances, demand, and market details in one handy tool.

World Meeting Time

Are you planning a meeting or conference with contacts spanning the globe? Figure out the best time with this simple yet effective app. It allows you to type in your meeting time, making sure that the time is convenient for each participant.


Finally, for project management there are chat apps like HipChat which allow you to share files, take part in online meetings, and embed photos as needed. Online business owners often collaborate with freelancers and independent contractors positioned all over the world, so it’s important to have some sort of central system like this for communication.

There’s no longer any need to pay for costly calling fees to communicate globally. The majority of these tools are completely free of charge, which helps make them useful for those who are just thinking about expanding overseas.