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Parcel2Go to invest £300,000 in UK small businesses

Parcel2Go is proud to announce that it is supporting its small business customers through a £300,000 investment across 2017.

shutterstock_388075414In the form of a new price drop, which will see Parcel2Go offer the cheapest delivery service on the market, the company intends the investment to help bolster UK-based small businesses in the post-Brexit economic climate.

By investing in businesses that are small now, Parcel2Go aims to nurture their growth and provide the best environment for them to succeed.

The new price drop means that a typical small business using Parcel2Go will save between £400 and £3,200 a year, depending on the service they have selected. Even infrequent customers can expect to save between £200 and £300 in 2017 on the new price structure.

With the price drop introduced ahead of the Black Friday, e-commerce businesses have already saved an estimated £15,200 over this weekend alone.

Small businesses, particularly those that are e-commerce, will continue to benefit from these savings in the run up to and during the busy Christmas period. For online sellers, Christmas offers a great opportunity to take their small businesses to new heights. Parcel2Go have dropped their prices in a bid to help strengthen and support these businesses.

The total yearly cost of the price cuts will be a sizeable £300,000, a sum that Parcel2Go see as an investment into their customers.

“Our customers are the cornerstone of our business,” said marketing director Adam Harris. “When we make a decision to strengthen their businesses by cutting their costs down, they in turn support us.

“Though this kind of investment is costly to us at first, it quickly becomes a win-win for both parties. That cycle of support is ultimately how our economy can grow from strength to strength.”

Isabel Osbourne, at online boutique Trouva, commented: “Parcel2Go allows our boutiques to send hundreds of packages, without having to book couriers themselves or go to the post office. It’s great that we have the freedom to select different courier services depending on the value of our orders, or the speed of the service that our orders require.

“It also gives us much more flexibility when booking couriers to send packages abroad, which is essential for an e-commerce business.”