Ask me anything: 6 answers to your questions about project management training

Project management is a very broad term. In fact, there are many individual areas that make up the term ‘project management.’ We often get asked a lot of questions about topics relating to project management training. So, we’ve decided to answer some of your most common questions to help you decide whether this sector is right for you or not.

shutterstock_328883171What is project management training?

In its most basic terms, PMT is the process of teaching project managers how to plan and execute a project from beginning to end. PMT will focus on key concepts of how to manage groups of people, split up the project into manageable stages, identify risks and manage and plan budgets. As you can see, there are a lot of stages involved in the training, and this list is by no means exhaustive because your training can be tailored to suit your unique requirements.

Is there an industry-standard qualification I can take to become an accredited project manager?

Yes. PRINCE2 is an industry-standard qualification that will give you confidence in handling all aspects of project management. There are four certifications you can take, and each one focuses on a different project management framework. This is an internationally recognised qualification. In fact, it can help you move up the career ladder. However, you will have to complete an exam before you gain the accreditation for the course you’ve been studying.

Can I go straight into a PRINCE2 Practitioner course?

Unfortunately not. You will need to complete the PRINCE2 Foundation course before you can move to the next level. The foundation course provides you with knowledge of the terminology and processes you will come across in project management. It’s broad, and it’s vital that you feel confident before you move on to the more specific and complex material in the Practitioners course.

What if I do not have the time to do the Foundation and Practitioner course individually?

Companies like Simetral offer a blend of both courses to provide you with a more streamlined learning experience. Their Foundation and Practitioner PRINCE2 training programme offer you the best of both worlds. You’ll pick up the general knowledge that every project manager should have, as well as learning about the science behind overseeing a project from beginning to end.

What does risk management involve?

This process is very important. It involves you analysing what could go wrong at every stage of the project, what impact this risk would have on the project and the business, and suggesting steps to minimise this impact. You should try and divide the risks into high-risk, medium-risk or low-risk categories so that you can prioritise the areas that pose the most immediate and severe threats to the running of the project.

How long does a PRINCE2 certification last?

You will have to re-register as a practitioner between three and five years after you originally passed the course. If you do not take a Re-Registration course, then the accreditation will be taken away from you. However, the foundation course does not run out, so you will not have to sit this course again before you embark on the Re-Registration stage.