Why forex firms need multilingual keyword optimisation

Forex is a worldwide business, one that is globally connected, with different currencies from many countries constantly changing hands throughout the trading day. It is therefore important for any forex brokerage or currency exchange company that is looking to expand to open itself up to an international audience.

shutterstock_438237019One of the best ways to do this is with an international SEO strategy, of which multilingual keyword optimisation makes up a key part. International SEO experts can help devise a successful plan or your business can implement its own, but be sure to have multilingual keyword optimisation at the heart either way.

Build a global content strategy

Multilingual keyword optimisation will be used as the base for any global content strategy as a forex firm attempts to enter a new market. The main aim of multilingual keyword research is to identify the main topics that are being talked about in that language, which your company will then be targeting to increase rankings and drive traffic.

It will help your new audience find your site and forex offerings, if they are Spanish speakers in Spain, Colombia or Mexico, for example. Without this your business will be missing out on millions of potential customers, as even though English is the top internet language, there are still over 750 million Chinese and around 280 million Spanish internet users (plus millions more others).

Improve localisation

Even with the same language, keyword use may be different due to location and local language differences. For instance, there are variations between the term used for certain objects, words and phrases in the Spanish used in Spain and the same language in South American countries. This will affect keyword use and trends due to cultural and geographical differences.

Therefore, conducting thorough multilingual keyword research before targeting one specific nation or region is essential. Otherwise, you could end up using keywords for the wrong area in your content and attracting the wrong audience. It will improve the localisation of your website.

Run a relevant and successful plan

As with keyword research and implementation anywhere, the best ones you use must have a strong relevance to your website, services and product offerings and garner high search volume. With multilingual keywords, research is required as there may be different search engines that are used.

Plus, the highest search rankings related to the forex industry may differ in the targeted country or region. It’s likely that searches for MXN/USD will be a lot higher when targeting the Mexican market than GBP/USD for example.

Create an efficient process

Multilingual keyword optimisation should create an efficient process and make it easy when tracking the success of such a strategy. It can also be used to help inform other areas as your forex firm branches out, such as social media posting and networking as well as content creation.

Once you have set up a good, successful strategy for using multilingual keyword optimisation then it will make it a lot simpler to roll out for other regions and areas. It will expand your customer base and improve your forex firm in the long run.