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All I want for Christmas is a break! 7.6 million UK employees suffer high workloads

It seems the Christmas season couldn’t have come sooner, with 24% – or 7.63 million – of UK employees suffering high workloads in the last 12 months.

shutterstock_113150563Other top workplace anxieties faced by workers in the UK include colleagues leaving (21%), bad management (17%), and feeling burnt out (16%). Despite this, more than a third (34%) say they don’t go to anyone when faced with an issue at work.

The findings came from a survey of over 2,000 UK professionals in employment, commissioned by Rungway.

A problem at any age

Young and old all feel the pressure, with high workloads the biggest problem at work across all age groups. However, workers aged 35 to 44-year-olds feel it the more than the others, with a third (33%) citing it as an issue.

This age group have it tough, also having the highest proportion among age groups dealing with colleagues leaving (30%), bad management (22%), difficult clients (19%), under-performing team members (19%), not being listened to (16%), and not enough career progression (15%).

No luck for the Irish

Workers in Belfast (38%) reportedly struggle most with high workloads among UK regions, followed by Oxford (34%) and London (31%). Those in Belfast are also struggling with feeling burnt out (19%), but not as much as workers in Norwich (21%).

“It’s clear that UK workers need a break this festive season, since so many of the working population say they have high workloads, but the research also suggests these workers need a good strategy to solve these issues once they’re back from their break. We see on Rungway that many people want to offer advice and seek help regularly. They value a good network and safe environment like this to know they aren’t alone and to plan how they can overcome their problems,” said Julie Chakraverty, founder at Rungway.

Rungway is an app which sparks one-to-one conversations that provide people with practical help and varied points of view. This input is often enough to make users feel better informed with the wisdom to move forward. Being on Rungway is being part of a warm and supportive community.

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