Know what it takes to be the SEO expert everybody wants

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a specialised marketing discipline that involves developing maximum visibility in non-paid search engine rankings. It combines technical and creative know-how to boost ratings and drive traffic.

SEO has become more complex over the past few years. It’s no longer just about creating a user-friendly website. Nowadays, SEO incorporates content marketing, page layout, specific word usage (keywords), link building, and developing optimised website structure. So what does it take to be an SEO expert?

SEO expertWho could be an SEO expert?

SEO specialists have usually undergone training and certification in the development of SEO for organic (non-paid) traffic results. If you are interested in taking Advanced Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Certification Training, check out Simplilearn here for more information. The objective of this type of course is fourfold.

Understand search engines: Before you can create effective SEO strategies, you need to know the intricate workings of search engines and how these tools enable users to find things on the Internet.

Understand keywords: Keyword usage is not simply about putting the right words into a page of content. It also crucial to know how they should be used and where to place them. These factors are essential for boosting a website’s online visibility.

Attract traffic: An SEO specialist must be able to attract organic traffic. One of the best ways to do this is by creating quality content on a regular basis to draw a targeted audience.

Build links: Link building can be a useless process if it’s not done properly. Building internal and external links correctly is crucial for optimizing search engine visibility and pulling traffic.

Essential non-technical skills

As well as the technical skills already discussed, successful SEO experts need quite a specific range of non-technical skills.

Problem solving skills: As an SEO specialist, you will most likely be working for more than one company, which means you will be developing diverse websites. This will require analysing different problems and coming up with a variety of solutions.

Communication skills: While communication skills are valuable in most careers, it is particularly important for SEO consultants. The reason is you are responsible for making key changes in your clients’ websites and you need to be able to find out from them exactly what they need, and explain to them exactly how you are going to make it happen. As well as your clients, you may also have to talk to their web development team and their content managers, so must be able to communicate across several different disciplines.

Strategic planning skills: Developing a strategy plan is essential for structuring your SEO. There are a number of stages to go through. After your initial analysis of a website, you will write a report detailing your recommendations. The next step will be researching your keywords. When you come to implementing your strategy plan, it becomes obvious why each stage is important.

Decision making skills: One of the many roles of the SEO specialist is to make decisions about what will work best for their client’s websites. In order to do this successfully, you will need to keep up-to-date with changing trends so that you can make key decisions at the right moment.

Adaptability: In the realm of SEO, things are changing all the time and you must be ready to change with them. It will help if you have a passion for learning about new things. Take the time to read about new developments and advances in your field so you won’t be left behind.

Why do businesses want to invest in an SEO expert?

Any company owner with a web presence knows that they need SEO to attain higher search engine ranking and increased traffic flow. They should also know how essential it is to have a healthy content profile strategy that extends for several months, if not years. Because search engines are continuing to develop, SEO is fluid and it will remain so, ensuring continued demand for SEO experts. Further, in comparison to other means of drawing traffic, such as PPC (Pay Per Click) is more cost effective, which is a plus for the company.

If you wish to become the SEO expert that everybody wants, make sure you fully understand how search engines operate. Take a course and certification in Search Engine Optimisation so that your potential clients know you are qualified. Develop a portfolio of your work and use it to promote your skills and experience.

Libby Stephens writes about the range of career opportunities open to graduates today, helping them choose the right path in her role as graduate recruitment consultant. Her articles appear online and offline.